Winning in Style: The Complete List of WPRA’s Jerry Ann Taylor Award Recipients

Meet the winningest, most fashionable barrel racers that have received the Jerry Ann Taylor best-dressed award in the WPRA.
Fallon Taylor barrel racing
Five-time Jerry Ann Taylor award recipient at the NFR, Fallon Taylor. Hubbell Rodeo Images.

The Jerry Ann Taylor Best Dressed Award is a prestigious one handed out to barrel racers and voted on by fans at the National Finals Rodeo in December.

Meet the women who have won this award since its inception in 1995, and see some of their best looks. As a bonus, we’ve included the winners from the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo’s installment of the award in February. Both awards are brought to barrel racers by the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum.

Jerry Ann Taylor Award Recipients

National Finals Rodeo

2023: Sissy Winn

Sissy Winn NFR
Sissy Winn and Scoop won the first round of the 2023 NFR. Hailey Rae Photography.

2022: Margo Crowther

Margo Crowther barrel racing.
Margo Crowther at the 2022 NFR. Courtesy WPRA by Kenneth Springer.

2021: Molly Otto

Molly Otto Barrel Racing
Molly Otto at the 2021 NFR. Phil Kitts photography.

2020: Tiany Schuster

Tiany Schuster barrel racing
Tiany Schuster won the Jerry Ann Taylor Award after breaking the earnings record in the regular season. Hubbell Rodeo Images.

2019, 2018: Jessica Routier

Jessica Routier and Missy
Jessica Routier aboard Missy at the 2019 NFR. Hubbell Rodeo Images.

2017: Kimmie Wall

2016: Michele McLeod

Michele McLeod victory lap
Michele McLeod taking a victory lap at the 2016 NFR. Hubbell Rodeo Images

2013-2015: Fallon Taylor

2012: Mary Walker

Mary Walker barrel racing
Mary Walker and Latte. Hubbell Rodeo Images

2006, 2008, 2009: Tammy Fischer

Tammy Fischer barrel racing NFR.
Tammy Fischer dominated the Jerry Ann Taylor award for three years at the NFR. Hubbell Rodeo Photography.

2005: Denise Adams

2004: Jackie Dube

2003: Jolee Lautaret

Jolee Lautarat-Jordan
One of’s valued contributors, Jolee Lautaret-Jordan is a multiple-time NFR qualifier known for her flashy style.

2002: Kelly Kaminski

2001: Rayna Prewitt

2000: Marlene McRae

1999: Kay Blandford

1998: Martha Josey

1997: Peyton Raney

1995-1996: Fallon Taylor

Martha Josey and her famous wedding dress barrel racing outfit.
“This was one of my favorite outfits,” said Josey. “It was the year I won the world in 1980. I always tell everybody it was my girlfriend’s wedding dress and I wanted to be best dressed. I just cut the bottom off the dress and put a pair of white pants with it, and my white hat.”

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Best Dressed

2022-2023: Sissy Winn

Sissy Winn accepts Jerry Ann Taylor award
Sissy Winn captured the Jerry Ann Taylor Award in 2022 and 2023 at FWSSR. Image courtesy WPRA.

2020: Jimmie Smith

Jimmie Smith barrel racing
Jimmie Smith at the 2022 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. Courtesy Smith by RodeoBum Photography.

2019: Stevi Hillman

Stevi Hillman
Stevi Hillman accepts her Jerry Ann Taylor Award at FWSSR. Springer Photography courtesy WPRA.

2018: Sadye Simpson

2017: Kathy Grimes

2016: Shelly Anzick

2015: Kendra Dickson

2014: Jane Melby

2013: Kendra Dickson