Women’s Professional Rodeo Association
Stevi Hillman barrel racing
June 2024 ProRodeo Barrel Racing Updates and Results
Leslie Smalygo barrel racing on Gus.
Leslie Smalygo's Back on Top of WPRA World Standings, Full Weekend ProRodeo Results
Wenda Johnson and Steal Money "Mo" barrel racing Clovis
Wenda Johnson's Jockeying for World Standings Dominance in 2024
Dona Kay Rule and High Valor win Guymon barrel racing
Far From Finished: Dona Kay Rule and High Valor Back Inside Top 15 With Guymon Win
Kalli McCall competing in barrel racing in Cowtown Coliseum.
$100K Resistol Rookie Roundup Tests 15 of 2024's Best New Barrel Racers in the WPRA in Cowtown
Leslie Smalygo and Gus RodeoHouston barrel racing
Leslie Smalygo and JustAHeartBeatTaFame Win Rodeohouston 2024
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