$100K Resistol Rookie Roundup Tests 15 of 2024’s Best New Barrel Racers in the WPRA in Cowtown

The Resistol Rookie Roundup will give the winner a leg-up in the coveted Rookie of the Year race.
Kalli McCall competing in barrel racing in Cowtown Coliseum.
Kalli McCall and "Mohawk," winning the Resistol Rookie Roundup in 2023. Image by Roseanna Sales.

BarrelRacing.com is geared up to bring you behind-the-scenes coverage and all the results and action from the Resistol Rookie Roundup’s barrel racing in Fort Worth’s Stockyards Coliseum.

What is the Resistol Rookie Roundup?

For the third year in a row, Resistol, in partnership with The Cowboy Channel, will host the Resistol Rookie Roundup on April 26 and 27 at 7:30 pm in the Fort Worth Stockyards Coliseum.

Sanctioned by the PRCA, the top 15 PRCA rookies in each event, in their first year as card holders, will compete for $100,000. The Cowboy Channel will produce and broadcast the event.

What’s the Resistol Rookie Roundup Format?

The first performance on April 26 will feature all 15 contestants in a single go-round competition. Then, the top eight will continue to the semifinals on April 27, with the top four advancing to the championship round in the same performance.

What Else Does the Resistol Rookie Roundup Offer?

In addition to competing for $100,000 in total prize money, each contestant will learn skills in becoming a professional rodeo athlete and be able to compete with their peer group.  They will attend media training, Cowboy Channel interviews, sponsor training and PRCA discussions.  Each will receive a gift bag of items from The Cowboy Channel that can be used to help them travel down the road during their rookie year.

The Cowboy Channel will also produce a series of roundtables with the participants in each event hosted by “mentors” in the sport meaning past of the Resistol Rookie of the Year, World Champions, or NFR Qualifiers.  The mentoring and training is intended to prepare the first year professionals for their career ahead. Charmayne James will serve as the mentor for the rookie class in this year’s roundtable on The Cowboy Channel.

The Resistol Rookie of the Year Award is one of the most coveted awards that can be earned by PRCA and WPRA members as they can only earn it once in their career.  Money won during the Cowboy Channel Rookie Roundup presented by Resistol will count toward the Resistol Rookie Standings but will not be credited towards PRCA | RAM World Standings for NFR qualification.

Why Does the Resistol Rookie Roundup Matter?

For a whole lot of reasons, of course. It’s a unique opportunity to spotlight JUST the best 15 rookies, showcasing their talents in front of the Cowtown crowd and on The Cowboy Channel.

Plus, the money is dang good and helped last year’s winner, Kelli McCall, go on to claim the Resistol Rookie of the Year title.

2024 Resistol Rookie Round Barrel Racing Draw

Gracie Smith
Natalie Hammond
Krystal Dillman
Kalgary Johns
Sadie Miller
Pascale Sylvain
Oceane Veilleux
Sheryl Sawyer
Tessa Arnold
10 Tiffany Lujan
11 Julie Plourde
12 Georgia McAuliffe
13 Alyssa MacDonald
14 Millie Marquart
15 Sherri Reagan