Checked Off the Bucket List: Sissy Winn Clinches Hometown Rodeo in Corpus Christi

Sissy Winn clocked the fastest time of the week at Rodeo Corpus Christi and earned the WCRA Triple Crown of Rodeo round win, the $15,000 payday and the championship surfboard.
Sissy Winn poses with the championship surfboard and $15,000 check in Corpus Christi.
Sissy Winn poses with the championship surfboard and $15,000 check at the WCRA's Rodeo Corpus Christi 2023. Image courtesy WCRA by Bull Stock Media.

Running back out the alley of the American Bank Center after running the fastest time of the week, 13.684, to win the 2023 WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi in the Triple Crown of Rodeo round was a priceless moment for Sissy Winn—but if she had to put a number on it, it would equal $15,000, the amount the win paid.

Winn made it to the National Finals Rodeo in 2022, is a WPRA Texas Circuit champion and has countless other accolades to her name, but growing up just down the road from Corpus Christi in Chapman Ranch, Texas, makes the event win one of her career favorites.

“To run the fastest time of the week and in my hometown,” Winn, 25, said. “I can’t believe it. I’ve never won it, so I just always wanted it. I’m just so blessed.”

The claps and cheers inside as Winn made her run were electric, and Winn got to experience that feeling herself. She was entirely present during her run.

“I heard every bit of it tonight, and I was so tight. I knew I had to be perfect. Everyone was going out there. We had one run tonight and I’m so grateful for WCRA for doing that for the girls because that’s all our athletes need. They know what to do. That one run.”

Sissy Winn

Feeling the energy of the crowd mixed, coupled with having her family’s support there in person meant the world to Winn. 

“Just to feel the crowd of Corpus and the fans, my family, Mother’s Day is tomorrow—just adding up all those little things that build up to today is pretty cool,” Winn said.

Winn’s Winning Adjustments

Winn started her hometown rodeo off by winning her performance of the progressive round of competition. Coming into the event in the top four in the Virtual Rodeo Qualifier leaderboard awarded Winn the opportunity to skip the preliminary round of competition prior to the performances, instead seeding her directly into the show. She and JL I Am Reddy, “Ted,” made a solid 14.500-second run, but she still felt she needed to change things up in the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round when the field was stacked.

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“I made a big change,” Winn said. “I talked to Mark Bugni—he trained Ted—and he said ‘Sis, you need to calm down, just ride smooth. He knows what to do. He knows the barrels this time.'”

Sissy Winn barrel racing
Sissy Winn worked on her hand position around the barrels to win the Triple Crown of Rodeo round at Rodeo Corpus Christi. Image courtesy WCRA by Bull Stock Media.

Winn focused on how she used her hands to achieve redemption.

“I wanted to be smoother with my hands, and I was,” Winn said. “I executed that tonight, and I just wanted to make a redemption run from several nights before. And we did that.”

The win comes as a confident booster as Ted is still learning the ropes, and Winn is still learning how to jockey him. 

“I just can’t believe my horse went out there and did what he did,” Winn said. “Because I just hadn’t had that experience and the runs on him yet. So, to know that he can do it and step up to the plate like I need him to is great.”

The $15,000 payday of Rodeo Corpus Christi will go to good use, and it makes a world of difference.

“Bills, horses, going down the road, entry fees this summer—you name it, it makes a difference,” Winn said. “It makes huge difference. I’ve never won a WCRA event.”

But it likely won’t be the last WCRA win she takes. Winn will continue to nominate events toward the WCRA leaderboard, and next week she and Ted will make their first appearance together at the Women’s Rodeo World Championship in Fort Worth.

Aside from the chills of the roaring crowd, the payday and the coveted Rodeo Corpus Christi surfboard, Winn is just thankful for the opportunity the association provided.

“I want to thank WCRA for this opportunity,” Winn said. “I want to thank Rodeo Corpus Christi, everybody that does all these things, making sure the ground is good, giving us water—just the little things. I just want to thank everybody.”

Rodeo Corpus Christi Barrel Racing Results

  1. Sissy Winn, 13.684 seconds, worth $15,000
  2. London Gorham, 13.735, worth $6,500
  3. Stephanie Fryar, 13.908, worth $2,500
  4. Julie Plourde, 13.984, worth $1,000
  5. Hazlee Mckenzie, 14.341, worth $1,000
  6. Annika Ruth, 23.722, worth $1,000
  7. Sable Emerson, no time, worth $1,000

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