Both WPRA Barrel Racing and Breakaway Roping are Officially Cut From Cowtown Rodeo’s 2023 Schedule

Shockwaves rolled through the First Frontier circuit after an email was sent to members about Cowtown Rodeo series cutting barrel racing from the remainder of the 2023 barrel racing schedule.
Multiple-time FFCF qualifer, Dawn Powell at Cowtown Rodeo. Image courtesy Powell family by Lynn Nelson.

Shockwaves are resounding through the ProRodeo barrel racing community after the following email was sent to all WPRA First Frontier Circuit cardholders on June 22, 2023.

Cowtown Rodeo Announcement

Dear First Frontier Members,

This is important information regarding the remaining twelve (12) Woodstown, NJ rodeo barrel races currently listed as pending on the WPRA website. At this time the twelve (12) pending rodeo barrel race applications are being withdrawn by the Woodstown Committee. The WPRA and the Woodstown Committee have talked about the pending applications and based on business differences this is conclusion at this time. It is important to know both Woodstown and the WPRA are open to discuss the 2024 season later on this Fall.

Since the barrel race for this Saturday, June 24th was previously approved (with the books already opened and closed), it will continue as scheduled. With no other Woodstown NJ WPRA barrel races being WPRA sanctioned, Procom will not be taking entries going forward.

Be advised, while the Woodstown, NJ rodeo will continue to be a PRCA sanctioned rodeo, it is not WPRA sanctioned. Therefore WPRA members cannot participate in the remaining Woodstown, NJ rodeos after this weekend’s rodeo. Please see your WPRA rulebook and rule 9.3.16 and

If members have any questions, please reach out to your President Jimmie Munroe or Vice President Heidi Schmidt.

Thank you,

The WPRA Office

Cowtown Rodeo, which will officially be inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in a few weeks, was already in the headlines this year after making the decision not to hold breakway roping for unknown reasons before their first rodeo of the 2023 season. Click here to read about the decision.

BRM is currently reaching out to involved parties to gather more information. Stay tuned as updates develop.