Sherry Cervi barrel racing on Stingray.
The Bits That Won the World: 1984-2022
justin briggs training barrel horse
Bit Breakdown Part 2: Gag Bits, Combos and Training Tools
Some of the best barrel racing bits, according to Kelly Yates
Bit Breakdown Part 1: The Anatomy of a Bit
Emily Beisel and Chongo at the 2022 NFR barrel racing
Game Changer: Emily Beisel Weighs in on Unconventional Headgear and Warm-Up
Justin briggs talks hackamores, snaffles and barrel racing bits
Justin Briggs Explains Snaffles, Hackamores and Choosing the Right Bit for Your Horse
Jamie Olsen rookie barrel racer
New Cowgirls, Old Tack: Top Rookie Barrel Racing Bits
justin briggs training barrel horse
Introducing a Curb Bit in Barrel Horse Training
Molli Montgomery
Baby Hold Together – Molli Montgomery’s Old Fort Days Winning Headgear
Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 2.48
The Bit that Won $60,000 and the 2022 Women’s Rodeo World Championship for Kinsel 
Sharin Hall Barrel Racing
3 Barrel Racing Tools for Fast Times
4 Horses, 1 Bit: the Cameron Schoneberg Casey Long Fits Ashley Schafer’s Hands Perfectly
Perfect Runs in The Perfect Bit for Mark Bugni and "Mo"
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