Perfect Runs in The Perfect Bit for Mark Bugni and “Mo”

For trainer and rider Mark Bugni, The Perfect Bit has turned out to be the perfect tool to manage JL Roc Lost A Sock's talent and energy.
Mark Bugni's Perfect Bit.

When Mark Bugni and JL Roc Lost A Sock (“Mo”), owned and bred by Jill Lane Quarter Horses, won their third straight Arizona futurity in Buckeye at the Royal Crown held February 14-20, Bugni had an important tool in his arsenal.

“I run him in The Perfect Bit,” said Bugni, “the second-longest shank they have. It’s got a fat mouthpiece that breaks in the middle that’s not too harsh, but it’s great because it gets his respect on the pattern and off the pattern. Finding a bit for him that kept him in my hands and respectful away from the arena as well as in the arena was a big thing for him, because the colt’s 16.2 hands tall—he’s a big, strong animal! This bit accomplishes just the balance I needed for him. I’m not one to use tiedowns or bonnets or anything like that, I like to keep things simple, I just use a light conservative bumper spur on him. This bit has been very effective and produced great results.”

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Bugni and JL Roc Lost A Sock bested 150 Royal Crown eligible entries at the $75,000-added event to win a total of $32,797. Watch their round 2 run HERE.

Royal Crown Futurity Champions Mark Bugni and JL Roc Lost A Sock. Lexi Smith photo courtesy Royal Crown