3 Barrel Racing Tools for Fast Times

A look at the guiding principles behind Sharin Hall’s Pro Series Tack line that help leading barrel horse Hello Stella stay on top.
Sharin Hall Barrel Racing
Hello Stella is bred, owned and trained by leading futurity rider Sharin Hall.

Leading futurity trainer Sharin Hall, of Pilot Point, Texas, is so committed to detail that she has gone to great lengths developing Pro Series Tack, a line of barrel racing products and tools dedicated to keeping the needs of performance horses front and center. With each Pro Series Tack product, Hall seeks out the best feeling material for the horse and incorporates those raw materials into their construction.

“It’s taken me a lot of years to figure out what’s best for the horses, but I always put myself in the horse’s position with development of all my Pro Series products, whether it be bits, saddles, pads, whatever,” said Hall. “I consider what is the best feeling material I can incorporate into the construction of these products.

“I think taking the extra steps to keep your horse fit and sound coupled with good, consistent training is what goes into being successful. To me that’s a great trainer, it’s a combination of being consistent with all the small daily disciplined tasks to keep your horse fresh and fit and ready to compete to their full potential. I’ve done the futurities, I’m venturing more into the rodeo world and WRWC (Women’s Rodeo World Championships). It all takes a lot of work. You’ve got to put in the time.”

Balanced Bits. Hall’s homebred and trained top-earning mare Hello Stella competes in the Sharin Hall Pro Series 03. There are several mouthpieces available in Hall’s bit line with various options from nosebands to extended purchase available.

“The SH 03 is Stella’s competition bit. It’s a very balanced bit and has so much feel,” said Hall.

Sharin Hall Pro Series 03. Photo courtesy Sharin Hall

Orthopedic Saddle Pad Design. “I developed a saddle pad with an orthopedic insert and flared wither that I believe helps keep Stella sound,” said Hall.

“The Pro Series Orthopedic Saddle Pad has memory foam and is designed for the comfort of the horse to absorb shock and avoid compression. It has an orthopedic contoured liner and a lightweight breathable canvas top and premium quality fleece bottom. It is absolutely my go-to saddle pad. It weighs under 8 pounds and is made to last.”

Pro Series Tack Orthopedic Pad. Photo courtesy Sharin Hall

Back to Saddle Basics. “I went back to the Buster Welch cutting tree for my saddle because that is a tried-and-true design, I modified the bars by flaring them (front and back) to create the Pro Series Saddle. This eliminates pinching while the horse is in full stride or turning.”

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