The Barrel Racers and Horses Taking on WRWC Championship Round During PBR World Finals on May 18

Here's who's competing at the WRWC Championship Round inside AT&T Stadium tonight.
Julie Plourde barrel racing
Julie Plourde is leading the IFR 54 field with more than $55,000 earned. Photo courtesy of the WRWC.

The cream of the crop rose to the surface in Fort Worth all week long, and these are the 12 Challenger and Pro barrel racers who qualified out of the brutal Women’s Rodeo World Championship to qualify for the WRWC Championship Round, held during the PBR World Finals in AT&T Stadium on May 18.

On the line for the athletes is the $60,000 WRWC prize. Although barrel racers could qualify through the Challenger or Pro division within the WRWC to the final event, the clean-slate Championship Round means that all 12 barrel racers enter as equals.

Makenzie Mayes and Chicado Moon

Makenzie Mayes' Chicado Moon.

Makenzie Mayes and Chicado Moon, “Rousey,” have been the topic of conversation all week long at the Women’s Rodeo World Championship and Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo. Get the full story here on this broncy mare turned superstar.

Makenzie Mayes barrel racing
Makenzie Mayes and Rousey broke the Cowtown Coliseum arena record in the WRWC Semifinals. Image courtesy WRWC by Bull Stock Media.

Emma Charleston and TFour Slicks on Fire

The 6-year-old “Roo,” has been playing the backup horse for multiple years on Emma Charleston’s team, but she dedicated herself to the seasoning process along the way and In the past six months, has amassed upwards of $50,000 between rodeos and large barrel races.

“He has a huge heart,” Charleston said. “I’m thankful to own him.”

Mary Brooks and SF Trump 2020

Charleston’s fellow Missouri cowgirl, Mary Brooks pulled out her 4-year-old “Donald,” after her main rodeo horse was injured. His first rodeo experience took place in Cowtown Coliseum throughout WRWC week, so Brooks is anxiously awaiting her AT&T appearance to see how the young horse will handle an intense stage.

Julie Plourde and KF Epic Ta Fame

Plourde and KF Epic Ta Fame haven’t just qualified together for every WCRA or WRWC event’s finals in the past two years, they’ve banked over $200,000 total across the US and Canada. The French-Canadian cowgirl claimed the 2022 International Finals Rodeo aggregate title, and in 2023 clinched her first IPRA world championship on the horse she purchased from NFR qualifier, Tiany Schuster.

Tibba Smith and DM I Got This

No. 5 classified team roping header and 4 elite heeler Tibba Smith ventured into the barrel racing arena heavily in 2024 and showed up to Texas in the Challenger division on a mission. At AT&T, she’s calling upon DM I got this, a grey gelding owned by standout trainer Latricia Duke. Smith was Duke’s jockey of choice to run the gelding, and they’ve found success on the WPRA trail all over the Turquoise Circuit.

“He really fits me,” Smith said. “He’s been my confidence builder and helps me ride my other horses better.”

Kindyl Scruggs and Melrose Chrome

Scruggs and 10-year-old gelding “Chrome,” united in 2021, when Scruggs traded two colts for the athlete, who was being ran by a child and had the nasty reputation of breaking the pattern midway through the run. Scruggs broke it back down to basics with the gelding and he took to the rodeo trail well, winning across the Southeast.

Kindyl Scruggs and Melrose Chrome turning the second barrel in Progressive Round 2 of the 2024 WCRA Stampede at The E.
Kindyl Scruggs and Melrose Chrome winning Progressive Round 2 of the 2024 WCRA Stampede at The E. | Bull Stock Media photo, courtesy WCRA

Hazlee McKenzie and Seven E Baron Cash

“BB,” is Hazleee McKenzie’s mount of choice for AT&T Stadium.

“We bought him and a brother to him the same day when he was a 4-year-old,” Mckenzie said. “BB was only halter broke. My dad broke him and roped on him, then I trained him on barrels. He’s been my go-to ever since!”

Fallon Forbes and Famous Bullets

Forbes bought “Gracie,” from NFBR qualifying breakaway roper, Bradi Good back in November 2023. With a lifetime earnings of over $150,000, Gracie was a successful futurity horse for Jana Bean, then went on to dominate at the high school and collegiate ranks with Good and Forbes.

Brandie and Rodeo Short Go

Inman purchased the registered American Paint Horse, “Maverick,” over two years ago for $5,500 with gate issues and a problem refusing the gate. Since then, he’s turned around and won over $60,000 with Inman.

Madison McCaffity and Bachloretta

“Etta,” has over $90,000 in lifetime earnings. Raised and trained by Bo Hill, McCaffity purchased the mare during her 4-year-old year in 2019 and was a successful futurity horse. After that, a broken bone in her pelvis and flapper surgery nearly ended her career, but the “War Horse,” as McCaffity calls her, fought back from each obstacle to continue to succeed on every level of competition.

Bella Skinner and Stylish Especial

“Grayman,” and 16-year-old Skinner have been teamed up for over three years, and the 12-year-old gelding is a WPRA world champion tie-down horse as well. Together, they’ve earned over $125,000 together. Skinner said the gelding is quirky and spooky at times, so she’s anxious to see how he handles the massive stadium at AT&T alongside the PBR World Finals.

Ryann Pedone and Thirty Six Roses

Pedone and Thirty Six Roses have been unstoppable at the incentive barrel races over the past several years, and the recently crowned WRWC Pro division World Champion is looking to continue the mare’s iconic career at AT&T Stadium.

Ryann Pedone barrel racing.
Ryann Pedone and Thirty Six Roses got the win in the second round of the Ruby Buckle West derby. Lexi Smith Photography.