Northern Invasion: Oceane Veilleux, Julie Plourde Go 1-2 at Resistol Rookie Roundup

The French Canadians brought the heat in Fort Worth.
Oceane Veilleux
Oceane Veilleux accepting her Resistol Rookie Roundup title.

Oceane Veilleux was looking to defend her No. 1 position in rhe @resistol1927 Rookie standings and smoked a 13.19 in the final four round of the Resistol Rookie Roundup to earn the championship. Stay tuned at the link in bio for results and story thanks to @Equinety. #BarrelRacing

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The Canadian province of Quebec saw a dominating performance from its barrel racers Oceane Veilleux and Julie Plourde in Fort Worth, Texas’s Cowtown Coliseum at the Resistol Rookie Roundup, with Veilleux smoking a time of 13.19 seconds in her final round to beat Plourde by two tenths April 27.

Veilleux got the win on Frenchmoney To Vegas, by Frenchstreaktovegas. Vegas was raised and trained by Quebec’s Chantal Augar and Pierre Dubuc.

The event, in its third year, brought together the 15 best rookies in the WPRA World Standings‚ with Veilleux entering and leaving the event first in the coveted race. Entering the weekend, Veilleux had won $20,372.12 on the year, and she picked up $2,789 over three runs. Plourde was sixth with $5,592.62 won, and she took $2,742 back to Canada from Cowtown.

Full Results: Resistol Rookie Roundup Barrel Racing

First round: 1. (tie) Alyssa MacDonald and Julie Plourde, 13.55 seconds, $1,242 each; 3. Kalgary Johns, 13.82, $982; 4. Sadie Miller, 14.04, $809; 5. Natalie Hammond, 14.66, $636; 6. Sherri Reagan, 18.42, $462; 7. Oceane Veilleux, 18.59, $289; 8. Tiffany Lujan, 18.64, $116. 
Finals: 1. Oceane Veilleux, 13.19 seconds, $2,500; 2. Julie Plourde, 13.39, $1,500; 3. Sadie Miller, 18.23, $1,000; 4. Tiffany Lujan, 18.29, $500.