3 Tips to Staying Balanced in the Saddle, with Cheyenne Wimberley

If there's one thing five-time NFR qualifier Cheyenne Wimberley is an expert on, it's perfect position in the saddle. Here's some of her best tips.
Cheyenne Wimberley Demonstrates perfect position in the saddle
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Do you ever find yourself needing barrel racing help because you are falling forward on your barrel horse?

If so, these tips from Cheyenne Wimberley are sure to help your barrel racing.

What’s Wimberley know about perfect body position, you ask?

Well, she not only qualified for the NFR two times in the 1990’s (1997-98), she came back and did it the past three years (2019-21). This was thanks in part to her flawless body position in the saddle and dedication to working on her balance in the saddle. Here’s some of Wimberley’s top tops on staying balanced in the saddle that can help your barrel racing from her series on BarrelRacing.com’s Ride TV channel.

1. Don’t step on your outside foot.

Cheyenne Wimberley: I’m all about staying in the middle of a horse. When I get to the backside, I don’t try to get on the outside hip or anything. I don’t want to change that horse’s plane, I want them to stay in the middle.

Watch: Riding Balanced in the Saddle

Cheyenne Wimberley
Cheyenne Wimberley’s perfect body position has helped her make five trips to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

2. Keep your head behind your rear end when approaching the turn.

CW: If your head is beating your ass, terrible position. What happens then, is that we’ve switched most of our weight to the front end of the horse and 90 percent of the time, your horse will cut the pocket off.

Hint: Using your horn correctly can help with this.

Watch: Use Body Position & the Saddle Horn to Help Your Horse

Cheyenne Wimberley gives barrel racing help
Wimberley demonstrates good position going into the turn.

3. Do your squats.

“Some people ride with their feet forward and some people ride a little bit behind. I like the heel of my foot to be even with my butt, almost in a squat position. This helps me control my upper position—it’s truly like doing a squat.”

Learn how to master this body position here.

Watch “Perfecting Body Position,” here.

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