Laying Legendary Roots: Learn From 5 Icons Who Helped Shape Modern Barrel Racing

Hear from the legends who built some of barrel racing's cornerstone breeding programs over the past 50+ years.
Sun Frost stallion
Sun Frost. Image courtesy Cowan Family/T4 Quarter Horses.

If you’re looking to learn about barrel racing history, there’s nobody better to learn from than some of the breeders who spent decades giving to the sport and building some of the most iconic horses and programs in the game.

In no particular order, here’s some of the top podcasts—hand-selected by The Money Barrel host, Kayla Jones— that every barrel racer needs to hear.

S1 Ep. 26: The Sun Frost Story, with Tigh and Bree Cowan

T4 Quarter Horses, renowned for their commitment to breeding excellence, boasts a distinguished lineage that traces back to the legendary stallion, Sun Frost. Sun Frost, a stallion with a lasting impact on the performance horse world, earned his place as a premier sire of champions. Known for his exceptional athleticism, intelligence, and speed, Sun Frost’s descendants, including those bred by T4 Quarter Horses, have passed down those desired traits through generations in both the barrel racing and roping industries.

S1 Ep. 32: Future Fortunes Founder, Mary Ellen Hickman

Mary Ellen Hickman, the pioneering founder of the stallion incentive, Future Fortunes, has left an indelible mark on the barrel racing scene. Future Fortunes, her forward-thinking brainchild, stands out as one of the first barrel racing stallion incentives that was truly ahead of its time. This pivotal program plays a crucial role in promoting high-caliber barrel horse breeding by identifying and supporting outstanding stallions, offering substantial cash incentives for the performance of their progeny. Not only has this initiative recognized stallion prowess, but it has also cultivated a community of dedicated breeders committed to producing top-tier barrel racing prospects. Mary Ellen Hickman’s legacy is inseparable from the fabric of Future Fortunes, shaping the future of the sport by fostering excellence in breeding and competition.

S2 Ep. 37: The Dash Ta Fame Story, with Bob Burt

Bob Burt, an influential breeder in the world of barrel racing, played a pivotal role in shaping the legacy of Dash Ta Fame, the legendary American Quarter Horse stallion. Dash Ta Fame, celebrated for his exceptional speed, agility, and winning spirit, became a sought-after sire under Burt’s careful breeding decisions. This duo’s impact on barrel racing is explored through the lineage of champions that emerged from their partnership, leaving a lasting imprint on the sport.

S2 Ep. 45: The Fire Water Flit Story, with Vickie Adams

In the realm of barrel racing, Vickie Adams emerges as a key figure, instrumental in shaping the narrative of Fire Water Flit. Celebrated for his outstanding athleticism and swiftness, Fire Water Flit rose to prominence under Adams’ discerning guidance. Adams, through her strategic breeding decisions, propelled Fire Water Flit into the echelons of revered sires, leaving an enduring mark on the sport. The impact of this partnership unfolds through the emergence of notable progeny, showcasing a lineage of champions that attests to Adams’ unwavering commitment to excellence.

S2 Ep. 22: The Victory Farms Story, with Danny Ray

Danny Ray, a leading figure in equine breeding, has propelled Victory Farms to become one of the highest-earning breeders in the industry. His strategic leadership has transformed the farm into a breeding powerhouse, producing influential stallions such as On The Money Red, whose impact resonates throughout the equine world.