American Contender Regional Barrel Racing Results 2024

The first round of The American contender hopefuls took on the Las Vegas Lights on Jan. 12-14, 2024.
Brandon Cullins barrel racing
Brandon Cullins and MJ Segers Fast Lane won The American Contender Regional Finals in OKC. American Rodeo photo by Click Thompson.

Here’s everything you missed in the American Contender Tournament at the three Regional Finals in Las Vegas, Oklahoma City and Lexington, Kentucky, in the 2024 barrel racing.

The American Eastern Regional Finals- Lexington, Kentucky

The American Rodeo Contender Series Eastern Regional finals took place in Lexington, Kentucky, on Jan. 25-27, and followed the same format as the previous two regionals. The following five barrel racers and horses advanced to Abilene.

  1. Rylee Jo Maryman, One Cupa Tees Sis, 15.096- $10,000
  2. Emma Parr on DG Excuse My French, 15.234 – $5,500
  3. Christian Shipley on Smoken French Winner– $2,500
  4. Liz Pinkston on Cash Flow Depot, 15.338 – $1,500
  5. Mily Holloway on Smuggling Doubles, 15.411- $500
Rylee Jo Maryman barrel racing
Rylee Jo Maryman at The American Eastern Regional. Image courtesy The American Rodeo by Click Thompson.

The American Central Regional Finals- Oklahoma City

The American Rodeo Contender Series Central Regional Finals took place in Oklahoma City on Jan. 18-20, 2024, and saw five more barrel racers lock in their positions for The American Rodeo Contender Finals in Abilene, Texas, on Feb. 10.

The format of the event featured two long rounds, an aggregate payout on two runs and a Redemption Round, which gave an athlete the opportunity to buy back into the tournament if they made an error in the preliminary rounds. On two, Dale Long and Slick Lane Ta Fame were the quickest, and also took the Round 1 win honors. The second round win went to Randee Prindle and Red Man Jones. However, it was the following five athletes who clocked Saturday’s fastest times to advance to the next section of the tournament.

  1. Brandon Cullins on MJ Segers Fast Lane – 14.747 – $10,000 
  2. London Gorham on Runnin With Wings – 15.08 – $5,500  
  3. Merrick Moyer on Hiccup, grade horse– 15.211- $2,500 
  4. Grace Hancock on Bullys Flash N Dash – 15.366 – $1,500 
  5. LaTricia Duke on DM High Roller– 15.373 – $500 

The American Western Regional Finals- Las Vegas

The American Rodeo Contender Series Western Regional Finals took place at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Jan. 11-13, 2024. Barrel racers battled through two rounds of competition to a clean slate final round on Saturday, Jan. 13.

The following five cowgirls locked in their position.

  1. Lisa Zachoda and Possibly Dynamite ran a 15.385, worth $10.000
  2. Kathy Grimes and KG Jukebox Hero ran a 15.412, worth $5,500
  3. Darian Raupers ran a 15.613 on RSL Ima Reckless Kat, worth $2,500
  4. Lakken Bice ran a 15.711 on NoCrimeTabe Released, worth $1,500
  5. Kelly Yates and FiestaNozSheFamous ran a 15.789, worth $500
Liza Zachoda barrel racing
Canada’s Lisa Zachoda and Possibly Dynamite won The American Western Regional Finals in Las Vegas. Image courtesy The American Rodeo.

Stay tuned for results and more from The American Central Regional Finale in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this weekend. Find full results from this event at Better Barrel Races.

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