Stephanie Fryar Has the Entire Industry Behind Her Million-Dollar Opportunity.

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Stephanie Fryar barrel racing at WCRA rodeo.
Stephanie Fryar at the WRWC. Image courtesy WCRA by Bull Stock Media

If you thought fans were the only ones rooting Stephanie Fryar on as she looks to collect the $1 million Triple Crown of Rodeo bonus this week at Rodeo Corpus Christi, you underestimated the hype from the other barrel racers. heard from some of the top dogs in the sport this week who weighed in on the opportunity that could potentially come Stephanie Fryar’s way in 2024. (Not sure what’s going on? You can find out here.) And here’s what we learned—it’s the win they all want to see go down on Saturday night.

So, here’s what a few of the industry pros said about Fryar—and if you head to our social media accounts, you’ll see dozens of additional comments and shares with similar messages from family and friends over the past several weeks.

“Stephanie is just fierce in everything she does. Even when things aren’t going her way, she finds a way to win. We have been many many miles together and we always have a great time. I wish her the best of luck and as I always tell her with all the love when her biggest runs are coming up, ‘Don’t be stupid!'”

Tyra Kane

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“Steph is tough as nails and all business all the time. She works hard and takes great care of her horses—I know they mean the world to her. I am rooting for her and Frank to take home the million!”

Ilyssa Riley

“I know Steph and Fast Frank are going to give it all they’ve got. With this being the last chance at somebody winning the million, it’s even more exciting. Steph is so talented, and she’s always been so humble and quiet. But now, this is her time to shine.”

Jimmie Smith
Stephanie Fryar holds a $15,000 check
Stephanie Fryar won Rodeo Carolina in October, her first Triple Crown of Rodeo win that put her in contention for $1 million. Photo by Bullstock Media courtesy WCRA.

“Steph is such a hard worker. She’s taken some horses that nobody else thought would win and made them winners, and trained some great ones. She 100% deserves to be in this position. And how can you not love Frank? He’s an outstanding horse and deserves this as much as her.”

Jordon Briggs

How ya like @Stephanie Fryar and Fantastic Spitfire, “Milania,” (by Guys Canyon Moon out of a @Dash Ta Fame daughter)? They won the first round of their @fwssr bracket, then came back in the Wildcard Round last night to fight their way back into the Semifinals, laying down a smoking 16.44-second run. Fryar made the decision to bring Milania to her first major rodeo stage to preserve her main man, Fast Frank for her chance at the @WCRA Rodeo million-dollar bonus in Corpus Christi. We’ll be closely following Fryar’s road to Corpus Christi, and the #FWSSR tournament at the links in our bio. #BarrelRacing #ProRodeo #Cowgirl #StephanieFryar

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“I could not be more excited for Stephanie. Make no mistake, her success has come from her tenacity, grit and drive to never give up. Watching her career finally get the attention it deserves gives me so much pride. No matter the outcome, she is a true champion and the connection between she and Frank is one for the history books.”

Linsay Sumpter

“We got a good friend to come watch the place so we could leave for a few days to go to Corpus Christi. We would not miss the chance to show our support for Stephanie—no matter what horse she was riding—but being that it is Frank, it’s extra special. She has done so much to keep us involved from the start. We were there for their first ‘big,’ win together in Bryan, Texas, running in the futurity. I’m hoping that having us in Corpus for the WCRA Rodeo might be some added good luck. Stephanie is a great horseman, and a great person! We love that a Frenchmans Fabulous is helping her dreams come true, and could possibly help change her life with a million-dollar win.”

Kenny Nichols

Stephanie Fryar’s wins

“We wish Stephanie and Frank the absolute very best. Frank is a special horse. Stephanie is a fantastic person, rider, and trainer. The combination is a great team. Remember, ‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.'”

Dale Barron

“When Stephanie Fryar shows up, she shows up to win. It doesn’t matter what she’s riding. She’s a fierce competitor, always. You can tell when she’s warming up, too. She stays focused and you know she’s just got one thing on her mind—#Winning!”


As Stephanie Fryar sets to prepare for her shot at $1 million this week at Rodeo Corpus Christi, @WCRA Rodeo and rodeo journalist Kendra Santos sat down with Fryar to discuss her life, family and horses. Link in bio for the full video and to learn more about this barrel racer’s shot at one million that happens TONIGHT in Corpus Christi at the Triple Crown of Rodeo event presented by @Lazy E Arena . #BarrelRacing #Cowgirl #Rodeo #StephanieFryar

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Ivy Hurst

“If earning the win was all it took, Steph would already have earned several million. The Lord knows that she’s worked as hard as anybody in the game. Now it’s time to let the hard work pay off.”

Hailey Kinsel

“Stephanie is a winner at all costs, so I know she’ll give it all she has to secure that title in Corpus. I’m really looking forward to watching this week play out. I wish the best for Stephanie and all the other competitors, it is a great field of athletes!”

Ashley Castleberry

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