Stephanie Fryar and “Fast Frank” in the Hunt for $1 Million with 2024 Stampede at The E Win

Stephanie Fryar and "Fast Frank" are one win away from the $1 million Triple Crown of Rodeo bonus.
Stephanie Fryar and "Fast Frank" running home in the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round at 2024 WCRA Stampede at The E.
Stephanie Fryar and "Fast Frank" winning the 2024 WCRA Stampede at The E. | Bull Stock Media, courtesy WCRA

Stephanie Fryar and “Fast Frank” are one WCRA win away from the $1 million Triple Crown of Rodeo bonus after winning the 2024 Stampede at The E.

Fryar and Frank, registered Some Streakin French topped the field in the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round Saturday, Jan. 6, with a 15.323, marking their second consecutive WCRA event win.

“This win means everything,” Fryar said. “This is life-changing money. I realize there’s still one more stop we’ve got to win at, but I’m one step closer.”

The Texas cowgirl is counting down the runs with four left at Rodeo Corpus Christi later in May.

About the Triple Crown of Rodeo Bonus: The WCRA pledged to award a $1 million Triple Crown of Rodeo bonus to any athlete in a single event that notches three consecutive WCRA event titles. Fryar’s Rodeo Carolina win, plus her Stampede at the E leave her just one event win shy of the bonus. To date, the Triple Crown of Rodeo bonus has been awarded to one athlete: RC Landingham in the bareback riding after he clinched the honors at the Dec. 2022 Cowtown Christmas event in Fort Worth.

“All I can sit there and tell myself is four more runs,” Fryar said with a laugh. “I started out with, even though I was qualified, eight more runs, and I counted them down here like, seven, six, five. And it’s one foot in front of the other, and at the end you hope that you’re the winner.”

Frank’s fast, as always

Fryar started her journey at the Lazy E unconventionally in the Qualifying Round. The duo knocked a barrel, but, thankfully, were already seeded into the Progressive Rounds thanks to Fryar’s position prior to the event on the Virtual Rodeo Qualifier leaderboard.

They were second in Progressive Round 1 with a 15.277 for $1,000 and second in Progressive Round 2 with a 15.39, again for $1,000. In the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round, the Texas cowgirl was first on the ground and made it count.

“He felt amazing,” Fryar said. “He made me a little nervous going into the alley ’cause he kind of got nervous, I guess. But then he let me carry him up to his spot, and when he broke it was just spot on.”

Leading the pack with seven other ladies left to run, Fryar tried to keep a quiet mind by staying in her zone.

“I think I watched the last three,” Fryar said. “I climbed up on the fence, and I tried to peek over and watch, but I didn’t watch any of them. I just kept having to sit there and wait and listen to the times.”

Their 15.323 stayed atop the field, cashing in for $15,000 and top event honors. Fryar credits Frank for much of their partnership.

“His personality is very large,” Fryar said. “But it doesn’t matter if you’re in a big arena, little arena, hard ground, deep ground—it doesn’t matter. He runs to his spot and makes the same turn every single time.”


With a million dollars to potentially look forward to and $17,000 in weekly earnings in her pocket, Fryar sang her praises for the WCRA, a tune she’s carried for multiple years.

“The WCRA has, number one, changed my earnings a lot,” Fryar said. “I’ve won a lot of money with them. They’re big barrel racing advocates, for sure.”

Fryar also respects the WCRA for their efforts in making sure the conditions are ideal.

“They make sure the ground is good,” Fryar said. “They hand rake now with the zero turn drag. They’ve got Ricky doing the ground and he’s amazing; he’s very knowledgeable and knows what he’s doing. So they really set us up for success.”

Triple Crown of Rodeo Round results

  1. Stephanie Fryar, 15.323, $15,000
  2. Kindyl Scruggs, 15.334, $6,500
  3. (tie) Cari Titsworth, 15.499, $1,750
  4. (tie) Tara Seaton, 15.499, $1,750
  5. Julie Plourde, 15.529, $1,000
  6. Skyla Peters, 20.708, $500
  7. Jordan Driver, 20.708, $500
  8. Ryann Pedone, 22.153, $500