Stephanie Fryar Repeats at WCRA Rodeo Carolina, Gathers $20K

Stephanie Fryar and Fast Frank did it again, winning WCRA Rodeo Carolina and a pile of cash, which will come in handy for Fryar.
Stephanie Fryar competes in WCRA Rodeo Carolina
Part of Stephanie Fryar's training approach involves a 'square,' turn where a horse powers on its hind end in the turn. Photo by Bullstock Media courtesy WCRA.

Stephanie Fryar repeated her winning ways at the WCRA Rodeo Carolina, building on her progressive round 2 win to take the Triple Crown of Rodeo Championship on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023, with a time of 16.69 seconds.

In all, Fryar brought home $20,950 (plus $7,500 for a No. 3 finish in the WCRA’s year-end Reliance Ranches VRQ Bonus) on Some Streakin French, known as “Frank.”

The gelding by Frenchmans Fabulous has had success at WCRA events, including a final-four finish at the Women’s Rodeo World Championship in 2023.

BR: Walk us through your run today.

SF: In the back, you can either start by coming in the arena from the left side or the right side. In the qualifying rounds I was coming from the right but I switched to the left because it gave me a straighter shot to the first. Today’s run felt a little tighter than yesterday and I kind of had to lift my leg to clear the second. After the run I was staring at the screen in anticipation like, ‘Put the time up there! What was it?’

Stephanie Fryar holds a $15,000 check
Stephanie Fryar’s money is going towards Frank’s vet bills and other costs that came when he was out for two months. Photo by Bullstock Media courtesy WCRA.

That second barrel was in a shadow today. Did that change how you rode to it? Were you worried Frank wouldn’t see it well?

We’re so in tune that if I ride to my spot and tell him to turn, he’s pretty trusting. I would call him a push style horse, so you ride him all the way to the hole before you sit down and ask him to turn.

How do you manage a tight turnaround on performances like you had here?

On Frank it’s usually not that bad; he’s pretty consistent and honest, so it’s the same trip every time and all I have to do it ride to my spot and stay out of the way. Hope he goes fast.

What does this win mean to you?

I definitely needed this win. When I came home from the summer run, from Dodge City, Frank was at the vet for nine days. The heat zapped him in Texas. So for two-and-a-half months there has not been any income. I would say this is his eighth run back. I told myself to go make my runs and let the cards play.

Where to next?

Frank and I are headed to the Texas Circuit Finals on Tuesday. I’ll pull in Monday afternoon.

Are you going to The Stampede at The E in January?

I nominated. I try to go to as many WCRAs as I can. The only thing that would possibly stop me is The American qualifier. You know, winning the $1 million is like winning the NFR. It’s up there, it’s the dream. But I can’t help but look up at it.

WCRA Rodeo Carolina Triple Crown of Rodeo Round Results

1Stephanie Fryar16.69$15,000
2Julie Plourde16.804$6,500
3Fallon Forbes16.896$2,500
4Olivia Hodnett16.951$1,000
5Katelyn Rambo17.131$1,000
6Josie Thompson17.794$1,000
7Ryann Pedone22.07*$500
8Ashley Ketron22.087*$500
*Denotes a knocked barrel penalty

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