Sue Smith and Diamond Center Snag $24,875 Payday in San Diego

Apparently, "Hef," is a California boy.
Sue Smith and Hef barrel racing
Sue Smith and Diamond Center at the 2023 NFR. PRCA Photo by Roseanna Sales Photography.

California weather was calling top rodeo contestants from all over the world on January 12-14, 2024, at the inaugural San Diego Rodeo inside Petco Park, the home of the San Diego Padres.

Who Won the 2024 San Diego Rodeo barrel racing?

Fresh off the National Finals Rodeo just a month ago, Sue Smith and Diamond Center, “Hef,” electrified Petco Park through each round to earn the overall event championship in the Final Four Round on Sunday, Jan. 14 with a 14.96-second run that earned the duo $20,000 for the win. Thanks to Smith’s efforts in the Second Round and Round of Eight, her event earnings came to a totaled $24,875.

Finishing second overall in San Diego was 2020 NFR qualifier Jimmie Smith aboard A Valiant Nicky, “Nicky.” Smith’s wicked 14.96 in the Second Round, worth $3,500 for the round win, helped her make it to the Final Four round, where she finished in the second-place position to earn $15,000.

Here’s the overall results for the event. We’re still waiting on confirmation of the Final Four times, but we can tell you who cashed in and where.

Overall FinishNameTotal EarningsRound 1Round 2Eight-Man Four-Man
1Sue Smith$24,87515.3515.17, $87514.96, $4,000$20,000
2Jimmie Smith$18,50015.4014.96, $3,50025.04$15,000
3Kathy Petska$14,062.5015.04, $3,062.5015.2415.18, $1,000$10,000
4Stevi Hillman $12,812.5015.04, $3,062.5015.03, $1,75014.99, $3,000$5,000
5Wenda Johnson$2,87515.28, $87515.3215.09, $2,000
6Megan McLeod-Sprague$2,62520.0414.98, $2,62520.23
7Hayle Gibson$1,75015.20, $1,75025.53NT
8Nellie Miller15.3315.2015.34
9Tarryn Lee15.3020.77
10Carlee Otero16.0215.45
11Graysen O/Connor20.8415.61
12Rylee Cooper Christman 15.9715.65

Who is entered in the barrel racing in San Diego?

Stevi Hillman

Sue Smith

Wenda Johnson

Carlee Otero

Hayle Gibson

Nellie Miller

Kathy Petska

Graysen O’Connor

Tarryn Lee

Jimmie Smith

Megan McLeod-Sprague

What is the San Diego Rodeo format?

There will be three performances at the San Diego Rodeo. Rounds 1 and 2 will take place the first two performances (Jan. 12-13). The final performance, Jan. 14, will be the Finals, comprised of eight of the highest money earners from the first two rounds, followed by the Shoot Out round of four.

What’s the payout in the barrel racing?

Performances on Friday and Saturday

  1. $3,500
  2. $2,500
  3. $1,500
  4. $500

Round of 8 on Sunday

  1. $4,000
  2. $3,000
  3. $2,000
  4. $1,000

Shoot Out on Sunday

  1. $20,000
  2. $15,000
  3. $10,000
  4. $5,000

When is the San Diego Rodeo?

  • Friday, January 12, 2024; 7:00 p.m. PST
  • Saturday, January 13, 2024; 7:00 p.m. PST
  • Sunday, January 14, 2024; 2:00 p.m. PST