Rodeo 101: How to ProRodeo, with Jimmie Smith-Tew

Jimmie Smith-Tew shares tips and tricks for surviving the ProRodeo trail on this episode of The Money Barrel podcast.
Jimmie Smith barrel racing in Denver.
Jimmie Smith-Tew got the win at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in 2022. Image by Ric Andersen/CBarC Photography.

In this episode of The Money Barrel Podcast, NFR qualifier Jimmie Smith-Tew breaks down all the burning questions listeners have on ProRodeos, from the first rodeo to the National Finals Rodeo.

Smith-Tew works through a variety of Rodeo 101 topics, including:

  • Entering ProRodeos
  • How to make a plan to rodeo—and what to do when it falls apart
  • Fines
  • Using the WPRA membership portal
  • Rodeo counts
  • WPRA Tour and PRCA Tour rodeos
  • Circuit rodeoing
  • Rodeo ground versus jackpot ground
  • Preparing horses for rodeos
  • Finding places to stay on the road
  • Locating vets and farriers on the road
  • Keeping horses sound on the road
  • Maintaining trucks and trailers
  • Managing finances in rodeo

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