These are the 24 Barrel Racers Entered at Puyallup’s Playoff Series Finale

Meet the 24 barrel racers who qualified to the PRCA Playoff Series Finale at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup in September 2023.
Leslie Smalygo barrel racing
After placing third in the first round of barrel racing, Oklahoma’s Leslie Smalygo came back on Friday and won the second round. Her 13.82-second run aboard her great horse “Gus” earned her $3,600 at the Cinch Playoffs at the Puyallup Rodeo.

So, the books are closed on the Playoff Series Finale during the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, Washington, September 8-11, and barrel racers have questions.

We also have questions, so we’re going to do our best to break down what we know.

Q: What about the Governor’s Cup?

The top eight ladies from the Playoff Series year-end standings and the top four from Puyallup will earn a position into The Governor’s Cup. Learn more about that here.

Q: Are the Playoff Series rodeos over, spare Puyallup?

Not even close. There’s still opportunities for barrel racers to earn Playoff Series points in the following rodeos:

  • Filer, Idaho
  • Ellensburg, Washington
  • Abilene, Texas
  • Pendleton, Oregon

Q: If a barrel racer isn’t entered at Puyallup, can they compete in Sioux Falls?

Possibly. Here’s what it says in the PRCA Ground Rules that were announced just before books opened on Monday, August 28:

“Contestants who qualify for the Cinch Playoff Series Rodeo in Puyallup, WA must compete at Puyallup in order to be eligible to be accepted as an entry at the Playoff Series Finale in Sioux Falls. Contestants who do not qualify for the Cinch Playoff Series in Puyallup will still be eligible to be accepted as an entry at the Playoff Series Finale in Sioux Falls if they satisfy the qualifications for the Finale based on the Playoff Series Standings as of September 18, 2023.”

Q: Are you going to tell us who made the cut into Puyallup?

Here you go.

Q: Is Puyallup going to shake up the 2023 world standings?

With $72,000 in added money and a $500 entry fee, the cash is there to change things, and the payout at Sioux Falls is even greater. For comparison, here’s the top 30 in the 2023 WPRA World Standings as of August 28, 2023. (bolded names are NOT entered in Puyallup.)

1Brittany Pozzi TonozziLampasas, TX$216,267.5070
2Jordon BriggsTolar, TX$150,763.4227
3Kassie MowryDublin, TX$130,029.0127
4Lisa Lockhart (G)Oelrichs, SD$120,835.6445
5Taycie MatthewsWynne, AR$111,961.9067
6Ilyssa RileyHico, TX$104,601.4868
7Jessica RoutierBuffalo, SD$103,748.4946
8Hailey KinselCotulla, TX$102,103.8649
9Sue Smith (G)Blackfoot, ID$97,392.3050
10Emily BeiselWeatherford, OK$94,645.6670
11Wenda JohnsonPawhuska, OK$93,686.7045
12Summer KoselGlenham, SD$90,546.6049
13Sara WinkelmanBig Lake, MN$89,852.5389
14Paige JonesWayne, OK$87,386.9943
15Kelly AllenStephenville, TX$84,468.2489
16Sissy WinnChapman, TX$83,334.8857
17Stevi HillmanGranbury, TX$82,751.0165
18Dona Kay RuleMinco, OK$77,317.5252
19Ashley CastleberryMontgomery, TX$71,173.3480
20Carlee OteroLaundesboro, AL$70,683.9377
21Shelley MorganEustace, TX$68,599.6444
22Jackie GanterAbilene, TX$65,178.3568
23Molly OttoGrand Forks, ND$64,484.6353
24Leslie SmalygoSkiatook, OK$61,429.1856
25LaTricia DukeThree Rivers, TX$51,231.2074
26Rachelle RiggersLewiston, ID$48,118.2242
27Margo CrowtherNorth Fort Myers, FL$46,757.0536
28Tarryn LeeSt. David, AZ$46,526.1141
29Halyn LideChina Spring, TX$45,782.6570
30Jimmie SmithMcDade, TX$45,396.9768