Winter. Is. Over.

Shelley Morgan competes in barrel racing at RodeoHouston.

The winter rodeo season has officially ended as barrel racers duke it out in California, but wait—what happened?

The Bits That Won the World: 1984-2022

Sherry Cervi barrel racing on Stingray.

Barrel racers love to know what bits are winning on the top barrel horses in the world. It’s no secret. There’s a certain fascination at that little piece of expertly twisted metal—and all its add-ons—that control the animals that headline the ProRodeo trail with expert jockeys on board. So what are those iconic headgear types? […]

Oh, Whoa It’s Magic – The Magic Tiedown

Kim Smith’s hand-braided, single piece tiedown has a feel unlike any other—one that left Pendleton Round-Up Champion Kacey Gartner calling it the “Magic Tiedown.”