Team Europe and Team USA Showdown in Texas Tonight

International barrel racing takes center stage tonight in Waco, Texas.
European barrel racer Federico Tanzi
Federico Tanzi image courtesy Golden Buckle

It’s Europe versus the USA in the Golden Buckle Cup tonight in Waco, Texas. Team Europe hopes to bring the title back to Italy after Team USA captured the cup in Malta last October. 

The European team earned the right to come to the American event and compete via their standings at Malta. In Waco, the USA Team must do the same. 

The top contenders for the Waco Golden Buckle Cup were determined by the eight fastest times overall turned in the first rounds from the futurity, derby and open. 

Those fastest competitors earned the right to represent the USA at the Waco event, plus earning an all expenses paid trip to Europe for the next Golden Buckle.

Image courtesy Golden Buckle

Representing Team Europe are 2022 Golden Buckle Malta Champion Francesca Adamo, European and Italian Champion Federico Tanzi, Golden Buckle Reserve Derby Champion Angelo Parisella, 2021 Golden Buckle Champion Michele Di Stasi, Vincenzo Avagiano, Asia Prezioso, Matteo Luciani and Alex Sciammetta. 

Team Europe will graciously be riding horses found for them by the American competitors who competed in Malta. They had several practice sessions to become acquainted with their mounts. 

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Team USA consists of Ashley Schafer, Halyn Lide, Kelly Sparks, Stephanie Fryar, Wenda Johnson and 14-year-old Merrick Mowyer, who won the first go of the derby. 

Sharin Hall and Latricia Mundorf earned the right to be on Team USA but had to decline the Golden Cup run to compete at the San Antonio Rodeo Qualifier in Uvalde, Texas, four hours away from Waco. They will be represented by Tyler Rivette and Pete Oen, who had previously competed in Malta. Hall and Mundorf will get their chance at the next event in Malta.

The Golden Buckle Cup starts at 8pm CST and will be available via webcast at Click here for more information.