Different Levels of Confidence in 2-Year-Olds

Justin Briggs talks about the importance of reading a colt’s level of confidence, or lack thereof, and how it’s normal for colts to progress at various speeds. To watch click here.

S2 Ep 18: Andrea Busby

Busby Quarter Horses and Blazin Jetolena are household names in the barrel racing industry. Kayla sits down with Andrea to talk about her story.

S2 Ep 17: Jordon Briggs

Catch up with the 2021 WPRA World Champion, Jordon Briggs in this episode of “The Money Barrel” podcast.

S2 Ep 16: Schelli Creacy

Kayla sits down with futurity trainer Schelli Creacy to talk about her program and creating solid, young horses.

S2 Ep 15: Paige Jones

This young barrel racing star joins Kayla to talk about winning the BFA at 16 and then winning the WPRA Rookie of the Year title on High Cotton Lane.

S2 Ep 14: Ivy Saebens

Ivy Saebens sits down with Kayla to chat barrel racing on “The Money Barrel” podcast!