Playing Her “Ace:” Rookie Contender Katie Chism is Hot On ProRodeo Trail

Katie Chism has been on a roll in 2022 on her 5-year-old stallion, MF Aces Famous Fling.
Katie Chism and Ace barrel racing in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Katie Chism and Ace by Robert Rosales

The 2022 rodeo reason has been a dream for Resistol Rookie contender, Katie Chism. Chism has placed all over the map and sits No. 6 in a salty rookie race with $19,913.27 won. She is also sitting No. 1 in the Great Lakes Circuit standings with $16,768.29 of her earnings thanks to her homegrown stallion, MF Aces Famous Fling (Ace). 

Chism has been a beloved member of the rodeo community in the Midwest for many years. Starting out in junior and high-school rodeo, Chism was an all-around standout from an early age. She earned a college scholarship, and after earning her degree, Chism focused her efforts on giving back to the youth of the rodeo world. She has helped organize scholarships for college rodeo hopefuls, gives lessons and clinics in all women’s events, and even served as an assistant coach at Missouri Valley College, while finding time to complete her master’s degree. Chism married her husband, Kasey, and they began building a business together, while Chism continued to build a name for herself as a breeder, trainer and clinician. 

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Meanwhile, a chance ad on Facebook helped her find Ace’s mom. She bought her sight unseen, and a couple years later, another ad caught her eye—this time for A Streak of Fame. Chism was a fan of Sarah Rose Waguespack’s great mare, Bling, and knew that A Streak of Fame was the late mare’s full brother. She purchased a breeding to the up-and-coming stud and turned her eyes upward.

“I prayed for a palomino stud colt,” Chism said. “I wanted a stud prospect because our family’s stud was getting older. God delivered—no, he overdelivered on that one.”

Ace was born, and Chism took time off to have her son, Kirk. When she came back, she and Kasey started Ace slightly behind schedule as a three-year-old. He had promise from an early age, but the last time Chism was on the road full-time, she was chasing goals in the IPRA as a breakaway roper. 

“He was always very kind and easy to get along with, but had a big motor,” Chism said. “We kind of knew he was going to be something special. I kept telling my husband that he was going to make a great breakaway horse—I had tracked the sled on him a bunch. Kasey said ‘No, I think he’s going to be your next barrel superstar.’ I’ve got to give him the credit for calling it.” 

Chism and her son, Kirk, on Ace, courtesy Katie Chism

So, in late 2021, Chism decided to buy her WPRA permit. Ace filled it in one weekend at a barrel race in Springfield, Illinois. Chism decided to try out some winter rodeos, and Ace started winning out of the gate. Chism couldn’t deny the gelding’s ability, despite only being five years old. She continued to enter, and he continued to excel. The only pain for Chism is being away from her home while she is on the road. 

“The toughest battle is being away from home, away from my family,” Chism said. “Adjusting to that has been tough.” 

However, she is soaking up the experiences. The last week of July, Chism placed in the qualifying round at Cheyenne Frontier Days and advanced to the quarterfinals. 

Kasey, Katie and Kirk Chism, Courtesy Katie Chism

“Being at Cheyenee was pretty surreal,” Chism said. “I watched it growing up, my whole life, and then being here—seeing my name flashing up on that screen, I didn’t even think it was real life. I think every rodeo has a little bit of fun and uniqueness to it.” 

Fans may notice that Chism runs Ace in simple headgear.

“Yup, just an o-ring,” Chism explained. “Kasey and I work very hard to keep our horses soft. We believe less is more, Ace has always been so responsive and wants to please. He isn’t a horse that you have to pull on, and if you do get in a bind and need to help him, he’s soft and quick to come back to you.” 

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Ace has been a standout for Chism now at the futurity, jackpot and ProRodeo level. He currently has one foal on the ground, and Chism plans to have ten born in 2023. Ace will be standing at Maubach Family Farms. She noted that his kind demeanor and willingness to please have helped make him the ideal stud to haul on the rodeo trail. 

Chism has joked about writing a book on all the lessons she has learned in 2022, but she summarized her key advice for those looking to purchase their WPRA card.

“Reach out to those who are willing to offer advice.,” Chism said. “And don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, because nobody else is going to chase them for you.” 

As Chism continues to chase her 2022 goals and the Resistol Rookie title, she summarized her thoughts. 

“Honestly, God has just given me the biggest gift with Ace,” Chism said. “I am thankful God chose me to be his person. The journey that we are on is a dream come true.” 

Chism was sure to thank her sponsors, Horse Hydrator, True Money Mindset, Elite Carriers, Pampered Ponies Therapy and 14.2 Hand Tack for their support on her journey.