S1 Ep 4 Maggie Poloncic

Kayla sits down with Maggie Poloncic on this episode of "The Money Barrel" podcast.
Maggie Poloncic with Puff at the All In Barrel Race

Maggie Poloncic not only trains and runs one of the most impressive athletes of our industry today, Ain’t Seen Me Yet, she is also an accomplished ballerina, dancer, and fitness guru. We can’t wait to talk to Maggie about how she went from buying finished horses to compete on, to taking it in her own hands with “Puff”. We ask Maggie how her commitments have changed focus over the years. From being very involved in a dance studio, to professional barrel racing, and back. Maggie talks about how she decided to skip futurities all together and why fitness is such a high importance, even for the rider.