Katie Jo Halbert Talks Miz Milania and More on The Money Barrel

Get to know the duo who's been breaking arena records across the country in 2023-2024.
Katie Jo Halbert
Katie Jo Halbert and Melania breaking the arena record in Sisters, Oregon. Image by Bill Lawless Photography.

Professional barrel racer Katie Jo Halbert shares her journey into barrel racing and how she’s advanced to jockey the standout mare Miz Milania and become one of the saltiest teams in ProRodeo barrel racing in 2024.

Halbert begins by revealing her early love for horses and the challenges she faced in acquiring her first horse. Despite not coming from a barrel racing family, she developed her skills through horse camp and mentorship from experienced riders. As she progressed through high school, she acquired more experienced horses, each teaching her valuable lessons.

Katie Jo Halbert discusses her approach to acquiring and training horses, emphasizing the importance of finding the right fit between horse and rider. She acknowledges her own limitations in training and the value of seeking guidance. Through trial and error, she learns what works for her and her horses, ultimately leading to successful partnerships with various horses.

The conversation delves into Katie Jo Halbert’s experiences with different horses, including the challenges and successes she faced. She reflects on the heartbreak of losing her beloved horse “Fury,” to injury but explains how she learned to remain resilient, trusting in her faith and the support of her community to navigate the ups and downs of the sport.

She then talks about Miz Milania and explains how her journey with the unique, fiery mare has grown.

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