Grant and Rayel Little Talk MJ Segers Fast Lane, Lady Perks and More on The Money Barrel

Learn about Rayel and Grant little, the breeders behind some of the barrel racing's most iconic horses.
Collage of images of Rayel and Grant Little
Rayel and Grant Little.

On this episode of The Money Barrel, hear from famed barrel horse breeders Grant and Rayel Little tell their story.

In the world of barrel racing, prominent names like Dash Ta Fame, Blazin Jetolena, and Lady Perks hold significant sway thanks in part to Grant and Rayel Little’s substantial contributions to the industry. Their involvement led Busby Quarter Horses to invest in Blazin Jetolena and acquire notable broodmares such as GL Famous First Lady and Blazin Black Beauty. As a result, horses like Rollo, Benny, and Emmitt are now breaking records under their guidance. Rayel, a four-time Canadian Rodeo Champion, achieved notable success with Lady Perks, securing victory at the Ponoka Stampede three times. In our discussion with Grant and Rayel, we delved into their past endeavors and current pursuits, including their ownership of MJ Segers Fast Lane, the mare turning heads with Brandon Cullins. Tune in to this episode for insightful conversations, and stay tuned for more captivating stories in 2024.

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