Elaina McKinney Talks BFA $uper$takes, Training and More on The Money Barrel

Elaina McKinney

When the 2024 futurity season kicked off on Nov. 15, no one made the first run of their career quite like TJR Malibu Eddie and jockey Elaina McKinney. The duo took home the $100,000 check for winning the BFA SuperStakes Slot Race.

McKinney joins The Money Barrel to talk more about her program—a family program, now with three generations of top-notch trainers that work together daily and have always focused on producing consistent winners. She discusses her approach to training and preparation, highlighting the significance of consistency and simplicity. She prefers minimal warm-up routines and focuses on keeping her horses calm and relaxed before runs. For being a relatively young futurity jockey, McKinney shares some excellent advice and a great story to listen to.

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