The Rundown Jan. 15: All the Barrel Racing Results From all the Places

Catch up with all things barrel racing, from ProRodeo circuit finals to futurities in Arizona and Texas.
Tayla Moeykens barrel racing Montana Circuit Finals.
Tayla Moeykens winning the Mountain States Circuit Finals on "Blue." Clay Guardipee Photography

Welcome back to The Rundown, a weekly barrel racing news segment from The Money Barrel. In this episode, host Kayla Jones and’s managing editor cover the following barrel racing topics.

  1. International Finals Rodeo: Julie Plourde‘s exceptional performance led to her world championship win, dominating the IFR and finishing her IPRA season off with over $60,000 on the year.
  2. Golden Buckle Futurity: Michelle Alley secured a significant win in the Golden Buckle in Waco, Texas, riding Lipstick N Stilettos to victory in the $37,000 average title. Sammy Willoughby and S.W. the Bayou Bug stood out, winning Open Race 1 and the Open Average, earning an invite to run in Italy at the Golden Buckle.
  3. Greg Olson Futurity: Hilary Hilzendeger winning over $5,600 for the weekend n RS Bumble Bee Sting in the futurity, and Ceeli Pinkston riding Hes So Epic to the derby championship.
  4. Montana Circuit Finals: Tayla Moeykens dominated in extreme cold, winning all three rounds and the average.
  5. American Contender Western Regional Finals in Las Vegas: Lisa Zachoda and Possibly Dynamite won the final round for a $10,000 payday, advancing to the Contender Finals in Abilene. Find out who the other four ladies headed to Abilene will be from Las Vegas.
  6. San Diego Inaugural Event: A non-sanctioned rodeo held at Petco Park featured top barrel racers like Jimmie Smith, Nellie Miller, Sue Smith and Carlee Otero, with a sold-out performance and over half a million dollars in payouts.
  7. Ongoing Rodeos: The hosts recap recent ProRodeos and discuss which winter rodeos are upcoming or happening now.
  8. Stallion Auctions: Various auctions, including Colorado Classic, VGBRA, Southwest Desert Classic, and Cowboy State Stallion Auction, provide opportunities to support events and secure stud fees at discounted rates.

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