2023 NFR Open Barrel Racing Results

Keep up with 2023 NFR Open barrel racing in Colorado Springs.
Cindy Smith barrel racing
Cindy Smith went to the lead in round one of the NFR open. Tanya Hamner Photography.

The 2023 NFR Open kicked off on July 11 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the barrel racers are all vying for a slot in the coveted championship round.

The NFR Open—formerly known as the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo when it was held in Kissimmee, Florida—is the crown jewel for circuit competitors in the PRCA and WPRA. Athletes earn a spot into the event by winning either the previous year-end championship in one of 13 respective ProRodeo circuits or the aggregate title at their Circuit Finals.

The first set of NFR Open barrel racers ran two rounds—one on July 11 and one on July 12— to get the leaderboards rolling in rounds one, two and in the aggregate on two, which will determine who has the chance to run in the Championship round on Saturday. Here’s which barrel racers are sitting in the driver’s seat so far.

NFR Open barrel racing results

First round: 1. Abigail Knight, 17.15 seconds, $5,666; 2. Cindy Smith, 17.25, $4,293; 3. Jessica Routier, 17.34, $3,091; 4. Ilyssa Riley, 17.49, $2,060; 5. Andrea Busby, 17.52, $1,202; 6. Leia Pluemer, 17.64, $859

Second round: 1. Lisa Lockhart, 17.17 seconds, $5,666; 2. Sara Winkelman, 17.20, $4,293; 3. Ilyssa Riley, 17.33, $3,091; 4. Jessica Routier, 17.36, $2,060; 5. Bradi Whiteside, 17.68, $1,202; 6. Abigail Knight, 17.71, $859

Third round: 1. Jessica Routier, 17.69 seconds, $6,868; 2. Nellie Miller, 17.82, $5,151; 3. Abigail Knight, 17.85, $3,434; 4. Ilyssa Riley, 18.22, $1,717

Finals: 1. Jessica Routier, 17.69 seconds, $6,868; 2. Nellie Miller, 17.80, $5,151; 3. Abigail Knight, 17.82, $3,434; 4. Ilyssa Riley, 18.26, $1,717

How to watch

You can watch the NFR Open nightly on The Cowboy Channel or on the Cowboy Channel Plus app.

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