Twinning is Winning for Full Siblings at Ruby Buckle Futurity

Brittany Tonozzi and Ashley Schafer compete in barrel racing.
Tonozzi and Schafer riding Chase and Rosie at Ruby Buckle 2023. Images by Lexi Smith Media.

Talk about making a statement—full siblings Tres Chasin Babe PZ and Seis On The Chase dominated the Ruby Buckle Futurity on April 25-26 in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

And they don’t just share parents—they’re twins. Both Tres Chasin Babe PZ “Rosie,” and Seis On The Chase “Chase,” were bred by Brittany and Garrett Tonozzi out of Brittany’s great mare, Babe On The Chase “Birdie,” and out of Tres Seis and were products of a double ovulation.

Tonozzi was aboard Rosie and clocked a smoking 16.844-second run—the fastest of both rounds of the futurity—in the second round to clinch $8,000 for owners Teton Ridge, $1,000 for Tres Seis’ owners and $1,000 for her and Garrett as Breeders. In the futurity aggregate, Rosie got the win and earned another $17,000 for Tonozzi as the rider and $2,000 as the breeder, plus $2,000 for Tres Seis’ owners.

“She’s a very aggressive mare, but not mean,” Tonozzi said. “She will run at you from the back of the stall like she’s going to eat you to get a lick off her Oxygen paste tube. Her running style is so fun. She is in and out and lets you pull on her if you get in a bind—which is totally unlike her mother.”

Chase was right on her heels with standout jockey and decorated trainer Ashley Schafer in the second round, finishing No. 4 with a 16.939 on the standard barrel pattern inside the Lazy E Arena. Their efforts earned $3,800 in the round for owner Kelly Tovar and $475 each for Tres Seis and the Tonozzi’s. Combined with their eighth-place finish in round one, Schafer’s 34.095 on two earned an additional $11,900 for Tovar and $1,400 for the Tonozzis and Tres Seis in the aggregate.

Tonozzi noted that Rosie and Chase were both promising from the start and her decision wasn’t made lightly to allow Chase to excel in another program.

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“I knew they were both going to be great from the beginning,” Tonozzi said. “We sold Chase in the Pink Buckle Sale because we wanted to show the world we not only want winners but we want other people to have winners as well. I actually teared up in the middle of the sale because I knew what we were letting go of. I’m just thankful he got in the hands that he did.”

Before the sale, Kelly and Joe Tovar were already inquiring about Chase, whom Tonozzi had asked her Schafer, to jockey about a month before the sale.

“Kelly and Joe (Tovar) asked about him before the sale,” Schafer said. “They wanted to know if I would keep riding him if they bought him. I said absolutely—the first day I swung a leg over him, I knew he was special.”

Schafer explained that Chase was started late on the barrels, but caught up with the class quickly. And what he lacked in experience, he made up for in athleticism.

“We didn’t have high expectations for him early in the year,” Schafer said. “He’s placed at nearly every futurity I’ve taken him to. It just goes to show what raw talent can do. He isn’t as trained as some others, but he just has such a natural way and so much pure talent.”

Not only are the Tonozzis’ homegrown prospects excelling in the barrel arena, they’ve been making a statement with husband Garrett at the team roping futurities.

“There are so many benefits for both of being able to do two events on them,” Brittany said. “(Birdie) got headed on for six or seven months and is a fantastic head horse. We treat every horse as an individual, see where they are in that stage of life, then decide which way they are going to go—barrels or roping. We do switch out quite often—it just makes them better horses.”

Tonozzi will be balancing her rodeo and futurity schedule for 2023 with Rosie, Birdie and the rest of her star-studded lineup. As for Schafer, she’s raising her expectations for Chase.

“The second round (of the Ruby Buckle) was the first I’ve ever asked him to really run,” Schafer said. “We’re very excited about the rest of the year on him.”

Guthrie Ruby Buckle Futurity Results

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Round Two

1DHorseRiderTimeOwner EarningsStallion EarningsBreeder Earnings
1Tres Chasin Babe PZBrittany Pozzi Tonozzi16.844$8,000 $1,000 $1,000 
2Hyper By DesignEmily Efurd16.852$5,600 $700 $700 
3Five L Rockin HeavenMark Bugni16.903$4,400 $550 $550 
4Seis On The ChaseAshley Schafer16.939$3,800 $475 $475 
5RP Tres HombresPete Oen16.962$2,800 $350 $350 
1Pressure N PerksAubrey Smith17.594$4,800 $600 $600 
2/3Ima Wild TrainKyle Leleux17.609$3,200 $400 $400 
2/3VF Eddie Got SassKelsey Treharne17.609$3,200 $400 $400 
4MommasaidknockyououtKelsey Treharne17.617$1,600 $200 $200 
5Raining From HeavenDustin Angelle17.618$1,120 $140 $140 

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Futurity Aggregate Results

1Tres Chasin Babe PZBrittany Pozzi Tonozzi33.876$17,000 $2,000 $2,000 
2Seis On The ChaseAshley Schafer34.095$11,900 $1,400 $1,400 
3JL Gun Totin CharmerBrandon Cullins34.102$9,350 $1,100 $1,100 
4JJ FlyinginthewindIvy Hurst34.286$8,075 $950 $950 
5Eysa Slick EddieBailee Snow34.286$5,950 $700 $700 
1PCR June Carter CashAshton Jones35.399$10,200 $1,200 $1,200 
2Leading Ta Epic FameEmma Abbott35.403$6,800 $800 $800 
3SR Roman CartelNicole Monroe35.425$4,420 $520 $520 
4/5JRWarrior In My LaneGrant Ellingson35.43$3,400 $400 $400 
4/5Cfour Tiny CanBrandon Cullins35.43$3,400 $400 $400 

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