Run at the Rose Wrap-Up 2023

Here's everything contestants and fans need to know to stay in the know during Run at the Rose 2023 in Montrose, Colorado, June 9-11.
Dani Buhler barrel racing.
Dani Buhler earned. the Derby win at Run at the Rose 2023. Image by TK210 Photography.

The Run at the Rose is back in Montrose, Colorado, in 2023, and here’s what happened on the first full day of barrel racing competition, including results.

What is the Run at the Rose?

Great question. It’s one of Colorado’s most highly anticipated events in barrel racing, and its return in 2023 after a brief gap has fans pumped up. The event boasts $49,500 in added money and prizes in Montrose, Colorado, June 9-11.

The event is produced by famed barrel horse trainer and winning rider Taylor Hildreth. Get to know Taylor on this episode of The Money Barrel Podcast with her friend and co-producer, Mountain States Circuit Finals and decorated trainer Kayla Jones.

Day One: $2,000 Added Hildreth Horseshoeing Youth Slot Race

Day one of the RATR 2023 saw young Brylee Banning and her 2017 mare, Just A Kissin Fling earned the $1,000 victory in the 1D slot race. Just a Kissin Fling also ran in Friday’s derby and is a 2017 mare by A Streak of Fling and out of Kiss This Flit by Flit To Kill.

Youth Slot Race

1D-1Brylee BanningJust A Kissin Fling15.693$1,000
1D-2Timber CoteDown Redwood Lane15.725$600
1D-3Brooklynn StalloneJR Sundays Glory16.050$400
2D-1Maria CoelhoFrench Fly16.223$875
2D-2Brylee BrehmShorty Lanta16.292$525
2D-3Grace RooksQuicks Last One16.312$350
3D-1Jocelyn FrantzFrost Bidden Leo16.693$625
3D-2Taneal BraslinMercedes16.693$375
3D-3Cyanna MartinRollin With Swag`16.755$250

Day Two: $15,000 Horse Hair Analysis Futurity First Round

Ashley Schafer rode Ohio’s Fames Dashing Jet—a 2018 mare by Dash Ta Fame and out of Guys Dashing Jet by Frenchmans Guy—to a healthy $2,320 victory in 15.570 seconds , while teenage young Mallee Jones and Epic Future, a 2018 gelding by Epic Leader and out of BFA Juvenile Champion Frenchmans Future, by Frenchmans Guy, took reserve honors with a 15.725, earning $1,933 and positioning herself just ahead of veteran Jeff Varner and Famous French Sox.


1Fames Dashing JetAshley SchaferCathy Geary15.57$2,320 
2Epic FutureMallee JonesMallee Jones15.725$1,933 
3Famous French SoxJeff VarnerJeffrey Varner15.757$1,643 
4Sunshines DesignKathy Korell-RachKorell Family Trust15.772$1,257 
5Martha StinsonOlivia RobinsonOlivia Robinson15.839$967 
6RSR Speed Com DashKylie WellsLance Robinson15.912$677 
7JH Single LadyTimi LickleyRyan & Timi Lickley15.946$483 
8Flashn Talented GuyBobbi BrooksBobbi Brooks15.961$387 


1Hay WyreHarlie ZehnderStephanie Williams & Harlie Zehnder16.572$967 
2A Streaktahippy FameBrandi KapBrandi Kap16.603$725 
3Pritzi Darn Smooth 37Hayley RobertsHayley and Kyle Roberts16.638$483 
4Doc Aint Seen JoseCabrina VickersLevi & Cabrina Vickers16.673$242 

$7500 WX Quarter Horses and Williams Construction Derby First Round

The champion of the Derby’s first go was Anita Ellis and RV Two Dash Ta Vegas. Not only did the 2016 gelding by French Streaktovegas and out of Two Dash to Fame by Dash Ta Fame snag the $1,324 win in 15.24 seconds, they also rolled over to the Open and picked up another $1,017 there for the win. The duo earned bragging rights for the fastest time of the day, and with a .2 lead over No. 2 finishers, PFF Heza Fast Perks and Kristen Kendeworkk.


1RV Two Dash Ta Vegas Anita EllisAnita Ellis15.42$1,324 
2PFF Heza Fast Perks Kristen HendewerkKristen Hendewerk15.645$1,096 
3Goodbye Lane SeisMallee Jones Mallee Jones 15.647$867 
4Down Redwood Lane Timber Cote Charlie Cote 15.654$639 
5You Aint Seen Famous Yet Dani BuhlerDani Buhler 15.697$411 
6Favorite Version Haidyn KrachtHaidyn Kracht 15.782$228 


1A Smart Little Viper Jenna Duhon Flys and Wine LLC 16.24$951 
2VF Silver Design Chandler CamblinDesigner Red 16.261$571 
3Sam James Lainey Olson Lainey Olson 16.267$380 

Saturday Open 4D


1Anita EllisRV Two Dash Ta Vegas 15.42$1,017 
2Ashley Schafer Fames Dashing Jet15.57$847 
3Kristen HendewerkPFF Heza Fast Perks 15.645$720 
4Mallee Jones Goodbye Lane Seis15.647$551 
5Timber Cote Down Redwood Lane 15.654$424 
6Dani BuhlerYou Aint Seen Famous Yet 15.697$297 
7Mallee Jones Epic Future15.725$212 
8Amber Moore Blue Duck Down 15.761$169 


1Timi LickleyPoppy Lew 15.922$872 
2Sydni Blanchard VF Pico Stinson15.94$726 
3Maria CoheloFrench Fly15.945$617 
4Timi LickleyJH Single Lady 15.946$472 
5Brylee BanningSmoke N Jetolina15.957$363 
6Brooklyn Stallone JR Sundays Glory15.961$218 
7Bobbi Brooks Flashn Talented Guy15.961$218 
8Deena Van TassellSassy Little Merri15.968$145 


1Sara Cheeney Streakin for the Guyz16.422$581 
2Ellie Beukelman Guys Dry Fling 16.423$484 
3Brylee BanningDejon Fame16.451$363 
4Mimi Argyle Seis Something French 16.451$363 
5Alayna KiddKR Frosty 16.456$242 
6Lacee Phelps Gun Firen Biankus 16.457$169 
7Erin Beukelman Dash N Fame Ta Boot16.461$121 
8Jenna Duhon RKM Five Bar Gamer 16.471$97 


1Boo BurttschellLady Bugs A  Sparkin 16.923$436 
2Lacey Donegan MJP Honor Elvis 16.929$363 
3Briana Bailey Mr Dynamo Dash 16.953$309 
4Dani BrodinDG Hell of a Riot 16.976$236 
5CJ VondetteTreasured Brave16.986$182 
6Tess Gore Champs Beauceephus17.036$127 
7Tiffannie Blum Lil French Streak 17.04$91 
8Nicole Banning Guys Time To Collect17.042$72 

Day 3: $15,000 Horse Hair Analysis Futurity Second Round


1Aint Seen fame Yet Brianna McNettJesstin & Brianna McNett 15.513 $     2,320 
2Fames Dashing JetAshley Schafer Cathy Geary 15.596 $     1,933 
3Lion In Jules Amber Moore Amber Moore 15.708 $     1,643 
4Boons Lady French Ceri Ward John Maubach15.763 $     1,257 
5HVR GivemegoosebumpsAshley Wells Wes & Ashley Wells 15.767 $          967 
6Genuine Wild Child Stormi Cruzan Stormi Cruzan 15.83 $          677 
7Martha StinsonOlivia RobinsonOlivia Robinson15.879 $          483 
8JH Single Lady Timi LickleyRyan & Timi Lickley 15.918 $          387 


1Hay Wyre Harlie ZehnderStephanie Williams & Harlie Zehnder 16.533 $          967 
2MegganAndre Coelho Bill & Cheryl Kennedy 16.544 $          725 
3Lady Bugs A  Sparkin Boo BurttschellBetty Kyson 16.572 $          483 
4Time to Burn Courtney McCracken Courtney McCracken 16.606 $          242 

Futurity Aggregate


1Fames Dashing JetAshley Schafer Cathy Geary 31.166 $     3,094 
2Aint Seen fame Yet Brianna McNettJesstin & Brianna McNett 31.484 $     2,578 
3Martha StinsonOlivia RobinsonOlivia Robinson31.718 $     2,191 
4Genuine Wild Child Stormi Cruzan Stormi Cruzan 31.828 $     1,676 
5JH Single Lady Timi LickleyRyan & Timi Lickley 31.864 $     1,289 
6Wimpys StrawflyJackie Crane Jackie Crane 31.939 $          902 
7Zsa ZsaCJ VondetteCJ Vondette 31.951 $          644 
8Sweet Frenchmans FabBlythe BeshearsBlythe & Deanne Beshears 31.958 $          516 


1KR Frosty Alayna KiddKidd Ranch33.185 $     1,289 
2SDK Just Change it Lorie DiodosioDarla Kennepohl 33.328 $          967 
3Lady Bugs A  Sparkin Boo BurttschellBetty Kyson 33.495 $          644 
4Doc Aint Seen Jose Cabrina Vickers Levi & Cabrina Vickers 33.764 $          322 
Ashley Schafer barrel racing
Ashley Schafer and Fames Dashing Jet got the 1D Futurity win. Image by TK210 Photography.

$7500 WX Quarter Horses and Williams Construction Derby Second Round


1Dashing French Belle Taylor HildrethBeth Laine 15.513 $     1,324 
2You Aint Seen Famous Yet Dani BuhlerDani Buhler 15.587 $     1,096 
3KG Just As Fabulous Kayla Jones Kreg & Kayla Jones 15.611 $          867 
4PFF Heza Fast Perks Kristen HendewerkKristen Hendewerk15.644 $          639 
5Down Redwood Lane Timber Cote Charlie Cote 15.669 $          411 
6A Smart Little Viper Jenna Duhon Flys and Wine LLC 15.675 $          228 


1Treasured BraveCJ VondetteCJ Vondette16.27 $          951 
2Honor My Firewater Bobbi Brooks Bobbi Brooks 16.278 $          571 
3Lookin at Bluejeans Chandler CamblinCraig Ritchey16.3 $          380 

Derby Aggregate

1YouAintSeenFamousYet Dani BuhlerDani Buhler 31.284 $  1,765.00 
2PFF Heza Fast Perks Kristen HendewerkKristen Hendewerk31.289 $  1,461.00 
3Down Redwood Lane Timber Cote Charlie Cote 31.323 $  1,156.00 
4Goodbye Lane SeisMallee Jones Mallee Jones 31.584 $      852.00 
5Favorite Version Haidyn KrachtHaidyn Kracht 31.664 $      548.00 
6VF Pico StinsonSydni Blanchard Sydni Blanchard 31.75 $      243.00 

Run at the Rose Schedule

It kicks off with the $2000 Added Hildreth Horseshoeing Youth Slot Race at 7 p.m. MST, following a calcutta of the event at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 09, where the region’s top hands under the age of 18 will face off for some BIG prizes.

On Saturday, June 10, it’s all about the $15,000 added Horse Hair Analysis futurity that kicks off at 10 a.m, followed by the WX Quarter Horses Derby. Following both classes, the 7-and-under Peewee kiddos will have a chance to shine, and the Three Diamond Livestock & PCR Pink Cadillac Open 4D will close out the day.

Sunday’s format will match Saturday’s, following with the second go’s of all four classes.

Each class will be streamed exclusively on thanks to Equinety, and all links to watch can be found HERE.

How to stay in the know during Run at the Rose

To keep up with winning runs, results and interviews with the champions, keep checking here at Barrel Racing Magazine and on our social media accounts.

Run at the Rose’s Facebook page will also be sharing updates throughout the weekend.

Highlights and more will be shared on this article (so feel free to pin it in your browser) and full results can be found here throughout the event.

How can I buy pictures from Run at the Rose?

TK210 Photography will be in attendance all weekend long. Click here for more info.