NFR Round 3 Cheat Sheet: Barrel Racing Edition

Here's what to expect on night three of 2023 NFR barrel racing.
Jessica Routier NFR barrel racing 2022
Jessica Routier at the 2022 NFR. Jamie Arviso Photography.

Round 3 of the National Finals Rodeo kicks off at 5:45 p.m. PST in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the drama has already delivered over two rounds.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s already happened at the 2023 NFR and what’s ahead.

The Horses

Here’s the barrel racing horses getting the call on night three of the 2023 NFR.

See more information, including bloodlines on each horse.

1Lisa LockhartLevee
2Kassie MowryWill
3Wenda JohnsonMo
4Jessica RoutierMissy
5Summer KoselApollo
6Ilyssa RileyThriller
7Sissy WinnScoop
8Stevi HillmanSandi
9Hailey KinselSister
10Sue SmithHef
11Paige JonesBazinga
12Brittany Pozzi TonozziBenny
13Jordon BriggsRollo
14Emily BeiselChongo
15Taycie MatthewsStoli 

Second Round Results

Here’s how things played out on night two at the NFR. For Round 1 results, click here.

1Stevi Hillman13.62$30,706.41
2Summer Kosel13.63$24,267.97
3Lisa Lockhart13.67$18,324.97
4Emily Beisel13.7$12,876.88
5Jessica Routier13.71$6,438.44
6Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi13.71$6,438.44
7Wenda Johnson13.73
8Kassie Mowry13.74
9Jordon Briggs13.76
10Paige Jones13.79
11Taycie Matthews13.81
12Sue Smith13.82
13Hailey Kinsel13.83
14Ilyssa Riley13.91
15Sissy Winn23.71

Unofficial World Standings after Round 2

Starting PositionUpdatedStarting MoneyNFRNameRound 1 earningsRound 2Updated EarningsNFR earnings
11$270,563.4210,000Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi$24,267.97$6,438.44$311,269.83$40,706.41
32$158,752.4110,000Emily Beisel$12,876.88$171,629.29$22,876.88
23$160,824.2010,000Jordon Briggs$4,952.65$165,776.85$14,952.65
54$134,591.6510,000Lisa Lockhart$18,324.79$152,916.44$28,324.79
65$133,802.1710,000Kassie Mowry$18,324.97$152,127.14$28,324.97
46$144,161.4010,000Taycie Matthews$144,161.40$10,000.00
97$115,681.6110,000Summer Kosel$24,267.97$139,949.58$34,267.97
118$109,022.4910,000Sissy Winn$30,706.41$139,728.90$40,706.41
129$109,015.4410,000Stevi Hillman$30,706.41$139,721.85$40,706.41
810$118,973.2110,000Jessica Routier$7,924.23$6,438.44$133,335.88$24,362.67
711$120,505.5710,000Wenda Johnson$120,505.57$10,000.00
1512$102,968.2210,000Paige Jones$12,876.88$115,845.10$22,876.88
1013$111,473.3710,000Ilyssa Riley$111,473.37$10,000.00
1314$105,775.7710,000Hailey Kinsel$105,775.77$10,000.00
1415$105,643.9410,000Sue Smith$105,643.94$10,000.00

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