Full Women’s Rodeo World Championship Results 2024

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Kindyl Scruggs interview WRWC
Kindyl Scruggs wins the $60,000 WRWC Championship. Bull Stock Media courtesy WRWC.

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WRWC Advancement

From Rounds 1 and 2 of the 2024 WRWC, the Challenger and Pros each competed in their respective divisions, classified by total career earnings in barrel racing over the past several years, in two full rounds of competition. From each division, the top two fastest times in each round advance to Wednesday’s Semifinals, along with the top eight in the aggregate on two runs.

Note: In the Semifinals, the barrel racers will compete in order of their aggregate time on two runs from No. 1-15 against the rest of the qualifiers advancing, regardless of whether they advanced to the Semifinals round by being seeded through from the WRWC leaderboard, as a top two fast time in a go-round or in an aggregate qualifying position. The aggregate will pay on three runs after the Semifinals concludes on Wednesday.

From the Semifinals, the top four in the aggregate on three runs in both the Pro and Challenger divisions advance to the AT&T Championship Round on May 18. The Semifinals Round champion, and the No. 1 athlete seeded from the 2024 WRWC leaderboard going into WRWC also automatically advance. In the clean slate championship round, the fastest barrel racer will earn the $60,000 event prize.

WRWC Championship Round Barrel Racing Results

  1. Kindyl Scruggs, 15.384 seconds, $60,000
  2. Julie Plourde, 15.724, $25,000
  3. Hazlee McKenzie, 15.730, $15,000
  4. Bella Skinner, 15.791, $10,000
  5. Madison McCaffity, 15.830, $7,500
  6. Makenzie Mayes, 15.892, $5,000
  7. Emma Charleston, 15.898, $3,500
  8. Mary Brooks, 16.113, $2,500
  9. Ryann Pedone, 16.171, $1,500
  10. Tibba Smith, 16.680, $1,500
  11. Fallon Forbes, 20.368, $1,500
  12. Brandie Inman, NT, $1,500

Top 12 barrel racers competing at AT&T Stadium

Makenzie Mayes

Tibba Smith

Hazlee McKenzie

Brandie Inman

Mary Brooks

Fallon Forbes

Challenger Barrel Racing

Round 1

Round 1 of the 2024 WRWC kicked off with the Challenger barrel racing, which saw Quebec native, Kathleen Menard earn the win in 13.466 seconds, worth $2,500. Menard, who now calls Ocala, Florida, home has been working hard to click with her 5-year-old, “Molly,” and let out a fist bump of excitement whenever she exited the arena after her run and heard her time.

Kathleen Menard barrel racing
Kathleen Menard wins Round 1 of 2024 WRWC barrel racing. Image by Bull Stock photography.

On her heels, Dee Dee Jordan, who calls Graford, Texas, home went 13.49 seconds to earn $1,500 and punch her ticket to the Semifinals.

  1. Kathleen Medard, 13.446, $2,500
  2. Dee Dee Jordan, 13.49, $1,000
  3. Jordyn Koonsman, 13.543, $500
  4. Nicole Helm, 13.582
  5. Hazlee McKenzie, 13.646
  6. Cari Titsworth, 13.654
  7. Makenzie Mayes, 13.677
  8. Ava Garcia, 13.85

Round 2

Makenzie Mayes and Chicado Moon continue to be a topic of conversation in barrel racing news over the past two weeks after their stellar 13.286-second run in Round 2 of WRWC Challenger action. The duo just placed deep and notched a Round win at Rodeo Corpus Christi days before competing in Cowtown Coliseum, and their time on May 14 didn’t just win the $2,500 go-round, it earned the pair the leading aggregate position going into Wednesday’s Semifinals thanks to their 13.677 from Round 1.

New Mexico’s Tibba Smith improved her time from Round 1 in a major way to finish second in the go-round in 13.564 seconds. She pocketed $1,000, and will enter the Semifinals in the No. 5 position in the aggregate with a combined time of 27.356 on two runs.

  1. Makenzie Mayes, 13.286, $2,500
  2. Tibba Smith, 13.564, $1,000
  3. Jordyn Koonsman, 13.567, $500

Top 15 WRWC Challenger barrel racers advancing to Semifinals

  1. Makenzie Mayes, 26.963 on two
  2. Kathleen Menard, 27.051
  3. Jordyn Koonsman, 27.110
  4. Hazlee McKenzie, 27.356
  5. Tibba Smith, 27.470
  6. Cari Titsworth, 27.603
  7. Brandie Inman, 27.666
  8. Shantell Hayes, 27.884
  9. Mary Brooks, 27.904
  10. Fallon Forbes, 27.972
  11. Ava Garcia, 28.075
  12. Emily Golden, 28.137
  13. Olivia Hodnett, 28.679
  14. Dee Dee Jordan, 32.038
  15. Nicole Helm, 32.473


Makenzie Mayes barrel racing
Makenzie Mayes and Rousey unofficially broke the Cowtown Coliseum arena record in the WRWC Semifinals. Image courtesy WRWC by Bull Stock Media.

Round 3 of challenger barrel racing featured a new (unofficial) Cowtown Coliseum arena record in 12.946 seconds from Makenzie Mayes, earning the $1,000 Semifinals win. Mayes and Rousey put an exclamation point on a wicked week of barrel racing and earned a Women’s Rodeo Challenger World Championship along the way, bringing in an additional $5,000, a Fast Time Award and the aggregate championship. In total, Mayes has already brought home $6,400 in event earnings and a total of $11,400 with her World Championship bonus. Stay tuned for a full write-up on Mayes and Rousey’s performance at WRWC 2024 so far.

Behind Mayes, New Mexico cowgirl Tibba Smith was a 13.506 to clinch her position of No. 2 in the aggregate and punch her ticket to AT&T. Smith’s event earnings are at $3,400 for her second-place finish in the aggregate and in Round 2.

Joining Mayes and Smith from the Challenger pool at AT&T stadium will be Hazlee McKenzie, Brandie Inman and Mary Brooks, plus Fallon Forbes thanks to her No. 1 seeded position on the 2024 WRWC leaderboard heading into Fort Worth.


Makenzie Mayes’ 39.909 on three bested the competition by over one second—Smith’s 40.976 was the closest in the pack. Hazlee McKenzie was solid across three runs to cash in for $1,900 in the third-place position in 41.061 seconds on three, while Brandie Inman’s 41.301 across three rounds earned her $1,400 and fourth-place honors. Mary Brooks and Fallon Forbes both cashed in as well for $900 and $500, respectively.

Pro Barrel Racing

Kylee Scribner barrel racing
Kylee Scribner and Firewater Cartel win Round 1 of Pro WRWC barrel racing 2024. Image courtesy WRWC by Bull Stock Media.

Round 1

The stacked field of Pro barrel racers was led by 2021 Resistol Rookie of the Year, Kylee Scribner on Firewater Cartel, “BB.” Scribner went 13.16 seconds to earn the $2,500 victory and secure her position to Wednesday.

Kelly Allen, the 2023 WPRA Texas CIrcuit champion was aboard Miss JB 165, “Cinco,” and traveled from Stephenville, Texas, to turn in a 13.39, earn $1,000 and lock in her Semifinals position.

  1. Kylee Scribner, 13.16, $2,500
  2. Kelly Allen, 13.39, $1,000
  3. Madison McCaffity, 13.42, $500
  4. Emma Charleston, 13.45
  5. Bella Skinner, 13.48
  6. Ryann Pedone, 13.56
  7. Jennifer Driver, 13.57
  8. Emily Beisel, 13.58

Round 2

Jennifer Driver and Frenchmansdiscorose set the pace running first out in the second round of WRWC action and maintained that position through the entire field of Pro barrel racers with a 13.284-second run, earning the $2,500 round win.

Close behind Driver, Emma Charleston and TFour Slicks On Fire were a 13.289 to pocket $1,000. The pair will advance in the No. 3 aggregate position over all with their combined time of 26.740 on two runs.

Madison McCaffity finished third in both go-rounds to lead the barrel racers into the Semifinals on two runs in 26.714 seconds, and banked $500 each for her 13.451 and 13.289-second runs, respectively.

Top 15 WRWC pro barrel racers advancing to Semifinals

  1. Madison McCaffity, 26.714 seconds on two
  2. Kelly Allen, 26.726
  3. Emma Charleston, 26.740
  4. Jennifer Driver, 26.858
  5. Kylee Scribner, 26.
  6. Bella Skinner, 26.868
  7. Ryann Pedone, 26.998
  8. Cassidy Deen, 27.054
  9. Julie Plourde, 27.091
  10. Emily Beisel, 27.200
  11. Gracen Harman, 27.227
  12. Alishea Jones Broussard, 27.294
  13. Laura Mote, 27.974
  14. Kindyl Scruggs, 71.743
  15. Stephanie Fryar, 36.801


Kindyl Scruggs entered the WRWC Semifinals in the No. 14 position in the aggregate thanks to a downed barrel in one round, so she knew she’d have to pull out a round win aboard Melrose Chrome if she wanted to advance to AT&T due to the qualification rules of the No. 1 Semifinals time and top four in the aggregate automatically advancing.

Scruggs capitalized and did exactly what she needed to do—a stellar 13.097 that earned her the $1,000 win, and more importantly kept her hopes of notching a $60,000 payday inside AT&T Stadium alive.

Behind Scruggs, Madison McCaffity continued to gain speed in the small barrel racing setup, besting her previous times of 13.419 and 13.295, both of which earned her go-round checks, with a 13.200-second run. Her efforts clinched the aggregate win in 39.914 seconds on three, worth $2,900 and bringing her total event earnings to $3,900 to far at the WRWC.


Missouri’s Emma Charleston also maintained consistency with a 13.282-second run, worth second in the aggregate and $2,400 aboard TFour Slicks On Fire behind McCaffity in 40.022 seconds. The 16-year old sensation, Bella Skinner and the Canadian standout Julie Plourde will also advance from the Pro Pack in the aggregate, earning $1,900 and $1,400, respectively in 40.358 and 40.656 seconds.

Although Gracen Harman and Alishea Broussard also had strong showings in the aggregate and earned $900 and $500 checks for their 40.695 and 40.895-second times, they did not advance through to Saturday’s Championship Round.

Ryann Pedone will advance to AT&T Stadium thanks to her No. 1 position on the leaderboard and walked out of Cowtown Coliseum with the $5,000 Women’s Rodeo Pro Barrel Racer World Championship. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at Pedone’s WCRA/WRWC domination over the past several years.