It’s Official, Kylee Scribner’s On a Roll on the ProRodeo Trail

Kylee Scribner has been on fire on the ProRodeo trail thanks to a new strategy and mindset.
Kylee Scribner at Woodward okahoma barrel racing
Kylee Scribner | Phil Kitts/Avid Visual Imagery

Last weekend, Kylee Scribner continued her impressive streak with a 15.55-second run, worth $2,090 in Big Springs, Texas. She may have been the 2021 Resistol Rookie champ, but Scribner is taking on 2022 armed with the experience gained by way of some tough lessons learned last season, and has switched to a business-minded approach that couldn’t be working out better for the 21-year-old.

Scribner’s June in Review (As of June 20, 2022)

Big Springs, Texas

Tied for First Place: $2,090

Woodward, Oklahoma

Tied for Second Place: $2,401

Coleman, Texas

First Place: $2,033

Cleburne, Texas

Second Place: $1,625

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Tied for 10th Place: $406

💰Total Earnings💰


After having success in the spring in Red Bluff, California, Scribner made the decision to head home and let Firewater Cartel, aka “BB,” rest up while she refigured her game plan.

“I felt like he needed to come home to do some slow work, rest, regroup and regather,” Scribner said. “I turned him out for a few weeks, took him to Outlaw Equine for some maintenance and let Holly Pritchard—who trained him–tune on him for a few weeks.”  

This weekend, Scribner made yet another business decision: to skip out on one of her favorite rodeos.

Scribner Keeps Promise to Herself, Earns Resistol Rookie Title

“I loved Reno and went last year, and I had the qualifications to go again, but I looked at the numbers,” Scribner said. “It’s always a knife fight, everybody goes to Reno, and I thought that my horse could run better at the arenas close to home. So that had me looking at Big Springs and Pecos, Texas, and Springdale, Arkansas. ” 

Within the first 20 days of June, Scribner has already collected a cool $8,555 from rodeos within a close radius of her Azle, Texas, home. Scribner’s $28,812 in earnings place her No. 19 in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association World Standings where she trails No. 15 placeholder Jimmie Smith by less than $2,500.

Scribner’s winning run in Big Spring, Texas.

In her rookie season, Scribner finished in the No. 22 position in the World Standings—which earned her the Resistol Rookie title and qualifications into the limited entry winter rodeos. This year, Scribner isn’t headed west with just BB, but managed to pick up a 5-year-old mare, Eddies Frosted Corona, that she has found herself clicking with quickly. 

“She’s really taken to the rodeo trail as good as we could have hoped,” Scribner said. “She kind of likes the opposite arenas that BB does. He likes fences, walls and the smaller pens. She likes the big, open arenas.” 

Despite her delayed start, Scribner is excited to head back out for the summer with BB, “Frosty,” and another young horse to expose to the rodeo sights. Join BRM in following along with the cowgirls from the ProRodeo trail all season long, thanks to our friends at Equinety.

“I would have to write a book to tell you all the things you learn your rookie year. There’s so much that you learn that you wouldn’t even think you’d have to learn. Learning the setups, how to travel, how to take care of your horse and keeping them working at that kind of level with those miles on them. It’s a lot.” 

Kylee Scribner

Evergreen Rodeo

Evergreen, Colorado, June 18-19

1. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 17.44-second run, worth $1,177

2. Ivy Saebens, 17.49-second run, worth $1,009

3. Emery Mask, 17.54-second run, worth $841

4. Kelly Yates, 17.61-second run, worth $729

5. CJ Vondette, 17.70-second run, worth $561

6. (tie) Carley Cervi, 17.76-second run, worth $392

7. (tie) Shawnee Williams, 17.76-second run, worth $392

8. Heidi Tillard, 17.81-second run, worth $224

9. Christy Larsen, 17.83-second run, worth $168

10. Lake Mehalic, 18.04-second run, worth $112

Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo

Innisfail, Alberta, June 17-19

1. Jessica Telford, 15.58-second run, worth $3,234

2. Jennifer Neudorf, 15.69-second run, worth $2,749

3. (tie) Kirby Penttila, 15.74-second run, worth $2,102

4. (tie) Joleen Downey, 15.74-second run, worth $2,102

5. Bayleigh Choate, 15.75-second run, worth $1,617

6. Stacey Ruzicka, 15.79-second run, worth $1,132

7. Bradi Whiteside, 15.82-second run, worth $808

8. Taylor Manning, 15.83-second run, worth $647

9. (tie) Virginia Foran, 15.84-second run, worth $526

10. (tie)Melissa Thiessen, 15.84-second run, worth $526

11. Kaybree Zunti, 15.85-second run, worth $404

12. (tie) Jordyn Tressider, 15.89-second run, worth $162

13. (tie) Raylee Edwards, 15.89-second run, worth $162

Belt PRCA Rodeo

Belt, Montana, June 18-19

1. Heather Crowley, 17.42-second run, worth $1,177

2. Taylour Russell, 17.43-second run, worth $1,009

3. Tayla Moeykens, 17.44-second run, worth $841

4. Tia Murphy, 17.57-second run, worth $729

5. Ashley Haller, 17.67-second run, worth $561

6. Danielle Wright, 17.69-second run, worth $449

7. Brittney Barnett, 17.74-second run, worth $336

8. Abigail Knight, 17.77-second run, worth $224

9. (tie) Valee Miller, 17.82-second run, worth $140

10. (tie) Tara Stimpson, 17.82-second run, worth $140

Stavely Pro Rodeo

Stavely, Ablerta, June 17-19

 1. Jennifer Neudorf, 15.27-second run, worth $2,181

2. Diane Skocdopole, 15.33-second run, worth $1,854

3. Bradi Whiteside, 15.47-second run, worth $1,527

4. (tie) Bayleigh Choate, 15.48-second run, worth $1,090

5. (tie) Dena Millard, 15.48-second run, worth $1,090

6. Sonya Dodginghorse, 15.52-second run, worth $763

7. Amy Naismith, 15.59-second run, worth $545

8. Bertina Olafson, 15.60-second run, worth $436

9. Sandra Carter, 15.62-second run, worth $382

10. Bailey Sears, 15.65-second run, worth $327

11. Melissa Thiessen, 15.66-second run, worth $273

12. Lakota Bird, 15.67-second run, worth $218

Earl Anderson Memorial Rodeo

Grover, Colorado, June 18-19


Strawberry Days Rodeo

Pleasant Grove, Utah

1. Presley Smith, 17.26-second run, worth $3,106

2. Marcie Wilson, 17.30-second run, worth $2,485

3. Jordon Briggs, 17.35-second run, worth $2,019

4. Macee McAllister, 17.36-second run, worth $1,553

5. Halyn Lide, 17.37-second run, worth $1,242

6. Margo Crowther, 17.41-second run, worth $932

7. Megan McLeod-Sprague, 17.48-second run, worth $776

8. Amberley Snyder, 17.49-second run, worth $699

9. Jennifer Kalafatic, 17.51-second run, worth $621

10. Sarah Waguespack, 17.55-second run, worth $544

11. Paige Jones, 17.57-second run, worth $466

12. Brittyn Rocha, 17.62-second run, worth $388

13. (tie) BryAnna Haluptzok, 17.64-second run, worth $272

14. (tie) Molly Pritchard, 17.64-second run, worth $272

15. Kylie Martinez, 17.65-second run, worth $155

Buffalo Bill Rodeo

North Platte, Nebraska, June 15-18

1. Stevi Hillman, 17.44-second run, worth $2,534

2. Peyton Stepanoff, 17.48-second run, worth $2,154

3. Tamara Reinhardt, 17.50-second run, worth $1,774

4. Emily Beisel, 17.51-second run, worth $1,521

5. Michelle Darling, 17.57-second run, worth $1,267

6. Leslie Smalygo, 17.58-second run, worth $887

7. Trula Churchill, 17.64-second run, worth $634

8. Ivy Hurst, 17.69-second run, worth $507

9. Ivy Saebens, 17.70-second run, worth $443

10. Paige Jones, 17.72-second run, worth $380

11. Korrina Hughes, 17.76-second run, worth $317

12. Cassidy Champlin, 17.78-second run, worth $253

Newtown Rodeo Days

Newtown, North Dakota, June 17-18

1. Summer Kosel, 15.45-second run, worth $1,591

2. Connie Soderholm, 15.57-second run, worth $1,364

3. (tie) Nicole Bice, 15.98-second run, worth $1,061

4. (tie) Calyssa Kindred, 15.98-second run, worth $1,061

5. Jessica Routier, 15.99-second run, worth $758

6. (tie) Emmy Dockter, 16.05-second run, worth $530

7. (tie) Sydni Schroeder, 16.05-second run, worth $530

8. Amanda Welsh, 16.06-second run, worth $303

9. Lisa Lockhart, 16.17-second run, worth $227

10. Nicole Edland, 16.18-second run, worth $152

Big Spring Cowboy Reunion & Rodeo

Big Spring, Texas, June 16-18

1. (tie) Jackie Ganter, 15.55-second run, worth $2,090 

2. (tie) Kylee Scribner, 15.55-second run, worth $2,090 

3. Taylor Baize, 15.66-second run, worth $1,582

4. Jill Wilson, 15.70-second run, worth $1,356

5. Tasha Welsh, 15.72-second run, worth $1,130

6. (tie) Stephanie Fryar, 15.73-second run, worth $678

7. Cheyenne Wimberley, 15.73-second run, worth $678 

8. Abby Pursifull, 15.75-second run, worth $452

9. Angela Ganter, 15.82-second run, worth $395

10. Savannah Woodfin, 15.83-second run, worth $339

11. Donna Tippen, 15.86-second run, worth $282

12. (tie) Andrea Cline, 15.90-second run, worth $75

13. (tie) Shaylee Hindman, 15.90-second run, worth $75

14. (tie) Lindsey Muggli, 15.90-second run, worth $75

Days of the Old West Rodeo

Delta, Utah, June 17-18

1. Meka Farr, 17.29 -second run, worth $1,405

2. Lynette Clyde, 17.31-second run, worth $1,205

3. (tie) Kellie Collier, 17.52-second run, worth $937

4. (tie) Lexie Goss, 17.52-second run, worth $937

5. Sarah Waguespack, 17.60-second run, worth $669

6. Kallie Wright, 17.62-second run, worth $535

7. Megan McLeod-Sprague, 17.65-second run, worth $402

8. Destri Devenport, 17.68-second run, worth $268

9. Steely Steiner, 17.71-second run, worth $201

10. Halyn Lide, 17.72-second run, worth $134

Jackson County Pro Rodeo

Bellevue, Iowa, June 16-18

1. Kricket Gintner, 16.35-second run, worth $1,062

2. Katie Chism, 16.46-second run, worth $910

3. Jamie Lenzner, 16.83-second run, worth $759

4. Kristen Meyer, 16.85-second run, worth $657

5. (tie) Alyssa Gabrielson-second run, worth $455

6. (tie) Sissy Warren, 16.87-second run, worth $455

7. Sherry Cervi, 16.91-second run, worth $303

8. (tie) Lucy Ferch, 16.92-second run, worth $177

9. (tie) Amanda Olson, 16.92-second run, worth $177

10. Tasia Behnke, 16.96-second run, worth $101

Stockton Lake PRCA Rodeo

Stockton, Missouri, June 17-18

1. Cayla Small, 15.98-second run, worth $643

2. Sherrylynn Johnson, 16.44-second run, worth $559

3. Jenna Beaver, 16.57-second run, worth $475

4. Lacinda Rose, 16.580-second run, worth $392

5. Anessa Ash, 16.62-second run, worth $308

6. Carrie Potashnick, 16.83-second run, worth $224

7. Lindsay Leverington, 16.93-second run, worth $140

8. Emily Griffin, 16.96-second run, worth $56

Basin City Freedom Rodeo

Basin City, Washington, June 17-18

1. Pamela Coker, 17.31-second run, worth $812

2. Karen Gleason, 17.670-second run, worth $706

3. (tie) Jessica Lewis and Matea Murphy, 17.69-second run, worth $547 each

5. Shayla Currin, 17.74 second run-second run, worth worth $388

6. Becca Flight, 17.79-second run, worth $282

7. Samantha Lane, 17.80-second run, worth $176

8. Candice Osborne, 17.81-second run, worth $71

Cowtown Rodeo

Woodstown Polesgrove, New Jersey June 18

1. Christina Mulford, 17.61-second run, worth $549

2. Riley Shetron, 18.13-second run, worth $478

3. Sandra Pomykala, 18.17-second run, worth $406

4. Kerri Frazier, 18.27-second run, worth $334

5. Brooke Klinger, 18.36-second run, worth $263

6. Willie Horzepa, 18.37-second run, worth $191

7. Julie Boxler, 18.43-second run, worth $119

8. Tori Roberto, 18.50-second run, worth $48

Mesquite Championship Rodeo

Mesquite, Texas

1. Makenzie Mayes, 15.21-second run, worth $751

2. Karen Little, 15.25-second run, worth $653

3. Stephanie Fryar, 15.42-second run, worth $555

4. Tasha Welsh, 15.43-second run, worth $457

5. Fallon Taylor, 15.44-second run, worth $359

6. Liz Pinkston, 15.52-second run, worth $261

7. Acey Pinkston, 15.53-second run, worth $163

8. Deb Guelly, 15.55-second run, worth $65

Colville Rodeo

Colville, Washington, June 17-18

1. Leigh Parker, 17.60-second run, worth $502

2. Pamela Coker, 17.63-second run, worth $436

3. Karen Gleason, 17.72-second run, worth $371

4. Georgia McAuliffe, 18.00-second run, worth $305

5. Jordan Minor, 18.10-second run, worth $240

6. Leslie Penhollow, 18.30-second run, worth $174

7. Kaycie Kayser, 18.31-second run, worth $109

8. Amy Sullivan, 18.46-second run, worth $44