Lisa Lockhart and Rosas Cantina CC Lead the 2022 Greeley Stampede Field

In pursuit of her 16th Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualification, Lisa Lockhart currently leads the top 12 barrel racers making it back to the $25,000-added Greeley Stampede barrel racing finals.
A hefty check from the NFR Playoff Series Finale could help Lisa Lockhart make a 16th trip to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 2022.

Barrel racing at the 100th Greeley Stampede has been fast and furious, however, none have been faster on two runs than Lisa Lockhart and the buckskin bombshell Rosas Cantina CC (Corona Cartel x Dash Ta Vanila x Dash Ta Fame). A lucrative check from Greeley would help propel the Oelrichs, South Dakota barrel racer, who is in contention for her 16th trip to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, one big step closer her goal of being among the top 15. Lockhart had $22,728 in Women’s Professional Rodeo Association earnings as of June 28, 2022, and ranked 33rd in the world. Lockhart leads the aggregate heading into the Greeley short go.

Greeley’s revamped dates, designed to have a short round the evening of Thursday, June 30, instead of on July 4 as in past years, gave barrel racers a chance to get their Cowgirl Christmas started a few days early and it fit well into the timeline coming on the heels of Reno Rodeo.

Lockhart’s 16.28 from round two–which won the round by just over two-tenths–combined with her 16.56 in the first round for a total on two of 32.84 seconds. Trailing Lockhart by just over a tenth of a second in the aggregate is three-time Greeley Stampede barrel racing champion Shelley Morgan riding HR FamesKissAndTell (CEO x Fames Fiery Kiss x Dash Ta Fame).

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Times have been demonstrably faster at the 2022 Greeley Stampede due to the recent arena remodel and shorter score. Mountain States Circuit Director Carla Beckett clarified that this year’s pattern has a shorter score line than in past years, which makes it 15 feet shy of a true WPRA standard pattern because of the shorter distance between the first and second barrels to the timer’s line.

“The pattern is standard between the barrels,” said Beckett, “It’s 90 feet from the first to the second barrel, and 105 feet from the first to the third and second to third, but from the eye to first and second it is 45 feet rather than the standard 60 feet.”

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Greeley Stampede Leaderboard:

Aggregate: 1. Lisa Lockhart, 32.84/2

2. Shelley Morgan, 33.00/2

3. Lake Mehalic, 33.31/2

3. Paige Jones, 33.31/2

5. Shawnee Williams, 33.44/2

6. Destri Devenport, 33.48/2

7. Kristin Hanchey, 33.53/2

8. Stevi Hillman, 33.58/2

9. Nellie Williams Miller, 33.60/2

10. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 33.64/2

11. Sarah Rose Waguespack, 33.65/2

12. Jordon Briggs, 33.68/2

Second Round

1. Lisa Lockhart, 16.28, $3,560

2. Shelley Morgan, 16.51, $3,051

3. (tie) Paige Jones, 16.58, $2,373

3. (tie) Lake Mehalic, 16.58, $2,373

5. Jessica Routier, 16.63, $1,695

6. (tie) Stevi Hillman, 16.65, $1,356

7. (tie) Ivy Hurst, 16.65, $1,356

8. Molly Otto, 16.66, $1,017

9. Latricia Mundorf, 16.67, $678

10. Jordon Briggs, 16.69, $509

11. (tie) Kristin Hanchey, 16.70, $170

11 (tie) Tyra Kane, 16.70, $170

First Round:

1. Taycie Matthews, 16.47, $3,560

2. Shelley Morgan, 16.49, $3,051

3. (tie) Lisa Lockhart, 16.56, $2,373

3. (tie) Shawnee Williams, 16.56, $2,373

5. Shannon Lee McReynolds, 16.58, $1,695

6. Destri Devenport, 16.61, $1,356

7. Katie Pascoe, 16.65, $1,017

8. (tie) Paige Jones, 16.73, $593

8. (tie) Lake Mehalic, 16.73, $593

10. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 16.74, $339