Collegiate Barrel Racers Taycie Matthews and Sadie Wolaver Dominate ProRodeo Weekend

Longtime friends Sadie Wolaver and Taycie Matthews took home nearly $10,000 in ProRodeo earnings on their way to the College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming. See who else cashed in.
Taycie Matthews and Sadie Wolaver Barrel Racing

Collegiate cowgirls Sadie Wolaver and Taycie Matthews took different paths on their way to Casper, Wyoming, for the College National Finals Rodeo but ended up dominating on those routes. 

For Wolaver, it was one and done in Woodward, Oklahoma, where her 17.13-second run sent her on her way with $3,694 in her pockets. Arkansas-native Matthews has been spending time in the Northwest since June 3, and won $4,342 for her 17.73-second run in Sisters, Oregon, and $1,832 for her third-place finish in 17.10 seconds in Eagle, Idaho. Matthew’s earnings for the weekend came to $6,174 in total. 

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Even though she’s only 19, Arkansas-native Matthews is no stranger to rodeo travel. Matthews came on the International Pro Rodeo Association scene with young Heavenly Firewater, known as “Bud The Stud,” at the age of 14. The Matthews family purchased him and Feelin The Firewater, known as “Sis,” his twin embryo, as yearlings. Bud hit the rodeo trail with Matthews and took to it immediately. Taycie has three IFR qualifications to her record. Matthews also boasts an IPRA Championship—something she shares with sister Jaylie. Jaylie is competing alongside Taycie at the CNFR in 2022 and is the reigning Ozark Region Champion barrel racer. Their mother, Kim, has multiple IFR qualifications in her portfolio, as well.  

Heavenly Firewater, a.k.a “Bud The Stud,” is Taycie Matthews’ long-time equine partner.

Throughout her travels on the IPRA trail, Matthews befriended a competitor with whom she shared much in common. Sadie Wolaver is from Matthews’ neighboring state of Tennessee. She qualified for the National High School Finals Rodeo in 2016 and had both of her horses come up injured, so she decided to give Im A Sharp Frost a try. 

“When I tried her, I hit all three barrels and said, ‘Dad, I think this is the one,” Wolaver said, laughing. “She felt special, but it did take us a while to get consistent.” 

Fast forward to 2022, and Wolaver and “Princess,” have since qualified for the NHSFR, three IFR’s, the Prairie Circuit Finals, and two CNFR’s, crisscrossing paths with Matthews on each step of her journey. Both cowgirls noted that both Bud and Princess helped them advance smoothly as they mastered the rodeo levels, and the transition from IPRA to ProRodeo has caused them to switch up their riding styles.

For Wolaver, it was a learning curve. 

“Coming from the IPRA rodeos, I mean, 80 percent of them were 15-second or smaller patterns,” Wolaver said. “It took me a long time to get comfortable on standard patterns. I didn’t really know how to ride that great in a big pen.”

Im a Sharp Frost, a.k.a. “Princess,” has been Wolaver’s faithful sidekick from high school to ProRodeo.

Matthews noted that the unpredictable conditions on the IPRA trail helped prepare her for the ProRodeos, but she was thrilled to get into the larger arenas. 

“I love these big pens, Bud can stretch out and run,” Matthews said. “Even when the ground isn’t perfect, we’ve run on all types of it—track pens, harder, deeper ground, and every kind of footing–so Bud knows what to do out there. I just have to do my job and let him do his.” 

These ladies have been neck-and-neck since their high school days, but rather than let competition divide them, they have decided to join forces and push each other to be better. So much so that Wolaver and Matthews will be teaming up to haul together on the ProRodeo trail immediately after Casper. 

16-year-old Matthews and 18-year-old Wolaver at the IFR in January 2019. Courtesy Taycie Matthews

“I’m excited,” Matthews said. “I think we’ll have a lot of fun, but we’ll see how it goes!” 

For Wolaver—who already turned in a second-place finish in the first round of the CNFR–it’s all about enjoying the ride.

“I’m just trying to keep it simple.” Wolaver noted. “I feel like I’ve finally figured out how to keep Princess healthy and happy and that’s been a game changer. I know that she feels good, and that gives me confidence.”  

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Sisters Rodeo

Sisters, Oregon, June 10-12

1. Taycie Matthews, 17.73-second run, worth $4,342

2. Mary Thomas, 17.82-second run, worth $3,473

3. Chelsie Stodghill, 17.86-second run, worth $2,822

4. Jennifer Kalafatic, 17.90-second run, worth $2,171

5. Ali Anton, 18.09-second run, worth $1,737

6. Sharon Woods, 18.11-second run, worth $1,303

7. (tie) Shelby Bates, 18.14-second run, worth $1,031

8. (tie) Kaitlyn Duby, 18.14-second run, worth $1,031

9. Jimmie Smith, 18.16-second run, worth $868

10. Sharon Gow, 18.18-second run, worth $760

11. Cambria Estep, 18.21-second run, worth $651

12. Rachelle Riggers, 18.28-second run, worth $543

13. (tie) Amanda Burns,18.31-second run, worth $380

14. (tie) Paige Lake,18.31-second run, worth $380

15. Olivia Train, 18.32-second run, worth $217

Livermore Rodeo

Livermore, California, June 11-12

1. Ali Anton, 17.40-second run, worth $2,279

2. Megan Champion, 17.42-second run, worth $1,937

3. Alanna Sing, 17.43-second run, worth $1,595

4. Shelby Bates, 17.47-second run, worth $1,367

5. Cheyenne Hattesen, 17.63-second run, worth $1,139

6. Oceana Champion, 17.74-second run, worth $797

7. (tie) Vicky Cook, 17.79-second run, worth $513

8. (tie) Nellie Miller, 17.79-second run, worth $513

9. Kathy Petska, 17.86-second run, worth $399

10. Jessica Krambeer, 17.87-second run, worth $342

11. Deeana Horner, 17.92-second run, worth $285

12. Kaiden Ayres, 18.00-second run, worth $228

Eastern Oregon Livestock Show

Union, Oregon, June 10-12

1. Matea Murphy, 17.48-second run, worth $1,405

2. Arley Hughes, 17.60-second run, worth $1,204

3. (tie) Lexie Goss, 17.61-second run, worth $936

4. (tie) Chelsie Stodghill, 17.61-second run, worth $936

5. Carmen Bengoa, 17.62-second run, worth $669

6. Lindsey Brash, 17.67-second run, worth $535

7. Shelly Mull, 17.79-second run, worth $401

8. (tie) Amberley Snyder, 17.83-second run, worth $234

9. (tie) Danna Stovner, 17.83-second run, worth $234

10. (tie) Jennifer Barrett, 17.84-second run, worth $67

11. (tie) Georgia McAuliffe, 17.84-second run, worth $67

Lea Park Rodeo

Marwayne, Alberta, June 10-12

1. Justine Elliott, 16.38-second run, worth $3,177

2. Lane Wills, 16.60-second run, worth $2,701

3. Shelby Spielman, 16.63-second run, worth $2,224

4. Shayna Weir, 16.65-second run, worth $1,906

5. Vanessa Leggett, 16.66-second run, worth $1,589

6. Amy Naismith, 16.69-second run, worth $1,112

7. Nikki Wigemyr, 16.70-second run, worth $794

8. (tie) Melissa Thiessen, 16.73-second run, worth $596

9. (tie) Cranna Roberts, 16.73-second run, worth $596

10. (tie) Kylie Whiteside, 16.74-second run, worth $397

11. (tie) Lakota Bird, 16.74-second run, worth $397

12. (tie) Karli Cowie, 16.74-second run, worth $397

Wisconsin River Pro Rodeo

Merrill, Wisconsin, June 10-12

1. Sherry Cervi, 16.50-second run, worth $1,256

2. Katie Chism, 16.53-second run, worth $1,077

3. Torey Foemmel, 16.73-second run, worth $897

4. Morgan Anderson, 16.79-second run, worth $778

5. Danyelle Hovland, 16.86-second run, worth $598

6. Ronda Casey, 16.90-second run, worth $479

7. Sara Winkelman, 16.96-second run, worth $359

8. (tie) Kricket Gintner, 16.98-second run, worth $209

9. (tie) Kristen Meyer, 16.98-second run, worth $209

10. Jolene Hambley, 17.04-second run, worth $120

Glennville Round-Up Rodeo

Glennville, California, June 12

1. Kathy Petska, 17.71-second run, worth $813

2. Cheyenne Hattesen, 17.85-second run, worth $707

3. Shelley Holman, 18.07-second run, worth $601

4. Ellie Hilvers, 18.38-second run, worth $495

5. Alanna Sing, 18.42-second run, worth $389

6. Kelsey Hayden, 18.43-second run, worth $283

7. Hayle Gibson, 18.47-second run, worth $177

8. Pfeiffer Alves, 18.49-second run, worth $71

Pro’s Out West

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, June 10-12

1. Jennifer Neudorf, 17.66-second run, worth $1,782

2. Dena Millard, 17.67-second run, worth $1,527

3. (tie) Harleigh Henderson and Sandra Carter, 17.73-second run, worth $1,188 each

5. Virginia Foran, 17.77, $848

6. Kylie Whiteside, 18.19, $679

7. Tana Millard, 18.83, $509

8. Taylor Manning, 18.88, $339

9. Shayna Weir, 19.02, $255

10. Kerstin MacGregor, 19.03, $170

The Kingsmen Andy Devine PRCA Rodeo

Kingman, Arizona, June 11-12

1. Kailee Murdock, 17.60-second run, worth $586

2. Tara Seaton, 17.98-second run, worth $509

3. Doskie Edwards, 18.16-second run, worth $433

4. Stacey Padilla, 18.19-second run, worth $357

5. Kassidy Dennison, 18.23-second run, worth $280

6. Rebecca Kenner, 18.24-second run, worth $204

7. Lisa Anderson, 18.28-second run, worth $127

8. Tilly Jenski, 18.30-second run, worth $51

Goshen Stampede

Goshen, Connecticut, June 12

1. Stephanie Dyer, 15.52-second run, worth $508

2. Madison Iager, 15.53-second run, worth $442

3.  Sherrylynn Johnson, 15.73-second run, worth $376

4. Kyra Walizer, 15.74-second run, worth $309

5. Haley Dewalt, 15.77-second run, worth $243

6. Kelsey Jurgilewicz, 15.79-second run, worth $177

7. Jennifer Romriell, 15.83-second run, worth $110

8. Audra Jurgilewicz, 15.85-second run, worth $44

Sadie Wolaver’s winning run in Woodward, Oklahoma.

Woodward Elks Rodeo

Woodward, Oklahoma, June 8-11

1. Sadie Wolaver, 17.13-second run, worth $3,694

2. (tie) Emily Beisel, 17.15-second run, worth $2,401

3. (tie) Kylee Scribner, 17.15-second run, worth $2,401

4. (tie) Leslie Smalygo, 17.15-second run, worth $2,401

5. Sissy Winn, 17.17-second run, worth $1,478

6. (tie) Nicole Driggers, 17.20-second run, worth $1,016

7. (tie) Taylor Johnson, 17.20-second run, worth $1,016

8. Ceri Ward, 17.23-second run, worth $831

9. (tie) Ali Armstrong, 17.31-second run, worth $693

10. (tie) Shelley Morgan, 17.31-second run, worth $693

11. Hailey Kinsel, 17.32-second run, worth $554

12. (tie) Kallie Gates, 17.35-second run, worth $323

13. (tie) Ashley Harvey, 17.35-second run, worth $323

14. (tie)  Stevi Hillman, 17.35-second run, worth $323

15. (tie) Carlee Otero, 17.35-second run, worth $323

Katie Halbert won Weatherford, Texas, after her 7-year-old mare, Fury On The Run, recently returned to the rodeo trail from an extended break.

Parker County Sheriffs Posse Frontier Days and PRCA Rodeo

Weatherford, Texas, June 8-11

1. Katie Halbert, 17.49-second run, worth $3,681

2. Savannah Woodfin, 17.50-second run, worth $2,945

3. Stevi Hillman, 17.53-second run, worth $2,393

4. Sissy Winn, 17.56-second run, worth $1,841

5. Presley Smith, 17.64-second run, worth $1,472

6. Michelle Alley, 17.66-second run, worth $1,104

7. Keyla Polizello Costa, 17.68-second run, worth $920

8. Tamara Reinhardt, 17.72-second run, worth $828

9. (tie) Margo Crowther, 17.73-second run, worth $690

10. (tie) Cheyenne Wimberley, 17.73-second run, worth $690

11. (tie) Latricia Mundorf, 17.75-second run, worth $506 

12. (tie) Ilyssa Riley, 17.75-second run, worth $506 

13. Lydia Bierschwale, 17.77-second run, worth $368

14. Chani Graves, 17.78-second run, worth $276

15. Jessica Anderson, 17.79-second run, worth $184

Eagle Rodeo

Eagle, Idaho, June 9-11

 1. Rachelle Riggers, 17.00-second run, worth $2,617

2. Chelsie Stodghill, 17.04-second run, worth $2,224

3. Taycie Matthews, 17.10-second run, worth $1,832

4. Lynette Clyde, 17.12-second run, worth $1,570

5. Kaitlin Schuck, 17.14-second run, worth $1,308

6. Jennifer Barrett, 17.18-second run, worth $916

7. Kristy Yerrington, 17.29-second run, worth $654

8. Mary Thomas, 17.30-second run, worth $523

9. (tie) Lexi Burgess, 17.32-second run, worth $425

10. (tie) Jennifer Kalafatic, 17.32-second run, worth $425

11. Macee McAllister, 17.36-second run, worth $327

12. Italy Sheehan, 17.39-second run, worth $262

101 Wild West Rodeo

Ponca City, Oklahoma, June 9-11

1. Emily Beisel, 17.17-second run, worth $2,361

2. Sarah Waguespack, 17.51-second run, worth $2,007

3. Leslie Smalygo, 17.57-second run, worth $1,653

4. Tamara Reinhardt, 17.61-second run, worth $1,417

5. Ivy Saebens, 17.62-second run, worth $1,181

6. Paige Jones, 17.66-second run, worth $826

7. Lacinda Rose, 17.67-second run, worth $590

8. Presley Smith, 17.73-second run, worth $472

9. Ceri Ward, 17.75-second run, worth $413

10. Kallie Gates, 17.80-second run, worth $354

11. (tie) Dusta Kimzey-O’Connell, 17.82-second run, worth $266

12. (tie) Elizabeth Schmid, 17.82-second run, worth $266

Kylee Scribner recently got “BB,” back on the trailer, and placed at every rodeo she entered this week, including this winning run in Coleman, Texas.

Coleman PRCA Rodeo

Coleman, Texas, June 9-11

1. Kylee Scribner, 16.58-second run, worth $2,033

2. Wenda Johnson, 16.70-second run, worth $1,743

3. Michelle Alley, 16.79-second run, worth $1,452

4. Stephanie Fryar, 16.81-second run, worth $1,259

5. Hailey Kinsel, 16.82-second run, worth $968

6. Sissy Winn, 16.83-second run, worth $775

7. Natalie Bland, 16.87-second run, worth $581

8. Liz Pinkston, 16.88-second run, worth $387

9. Christine DeRenzo, 17.01-second run, worth $290

10. Keyla Polizello Costa, 17.02-second run, worth $194

Ute Mountain Round-Up

Cortez, Colorado, June 9-11

1. Leia Pluemer, 17.37-second run, worth $1,784

2. Kim Schulze, 17.41-second run, worth $1,530

3. Kelly Yates, 17.55-second run, worth $1,275

4. Kaitlin Schuck, 17.64-second run, worth $1,105

5. Christina Gould, 17.70-second run, worth $850

6. Tara Seaton, 17.72-second run, worth $680

7. Kassidy Dennison, 17.82-second run, worth $510

8. Andrea Busby, 17.85-second run, worth $340

9. Kailee Murdock, 17.87-second run, worth $255

10. Jamalie Holzer, 17.97-second run, worth $170

Gladewater Round-Up Rodeo

Gladewater, Texas, June 9-11

1. Latricia Mundorf, 16.98-second run, worth $2,328

2. Cheyenne Wimberley, 17.11-second run, worth $1,979

3. Tasha Welsh, 17.17-second run, worth $1,630

4. Molly Pritchard, 17.21-second run, worth $1,397

5. Ilyssa Riley, 17.32-second run, worth $1,164

6. Wenda Johnson, 17.38-second run, worth $815

7. Andrea Cline, 17.39-second run, worth $582

8. (tie) Jamie Olsen, 17.40-second run, worth $437

9. (tie) Sarah Waguespack, 17.40-second run, worth $437

10. Jesse Harris, 17.42-second run, worth $349

11. McKenzie Morgan, 17.44-second run, worth $291

12. Michelle Alley, 17.45-second run, worth $233

Johnson County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo

Cleburne, Texas, June 8-11

1. Wenda Johnson, 15.77-second run, worth $1,896

2. Kylee Scribner, 15.86-second run, worth $1,625

3. Lisa Thornton, 15.90-second run, worth $1,354

4. Traci Nelson, 15.92-second run, worth $1,174

5. Sissy Winn, 15.94-second run, worth $903

6. Jamie Olsen, 15.95-second run, worth $722

7. Michelle Alley, 15.96-second run, worth $542

8. Karen Little, 15.98-second run, worth $361

9. Presley Smith, 16.01-second run, worth $271

10. Kasey Moran, 16.03-second run, worth $181

Pony Express Rodeo

Eagle Mountain, Utah, June 9-11

1. Steely Steiner, 16.79-second run, worth $1,276

2. Marcie Wilson, 16.82-second run, worth $1,094

3. Kylie Martinez, 16.86-second run, worth $912

4. Terri Wood Gates, 16.89-second run, worth $790

5. Meka Farr, 16.93-second run, worth $608

6. Leia Pluemer, 16.94-second run, worth $486

7. Amberley Snyder, 16.98-second run, worth $365

8. Chrissy Van, 16.99-second run, worth $243

9. Jillette Atkinson, 17.05-second run, worth $182

10. Kellie Collier, 17.07-second run, worth $122

Lake Region Stampede

Devils Lake, North Dakota, June 10-11

1. Austyn Tobey, 15.27-second run, worth $729

2. Cora Borman, 15.52-second run, worth $634

3. Cydney Peterson, 15.56-second run, worth $539

4. Alyssa Gabrielson, 15.62-second run, worth $443

5. Jodi Nelson, 15.75-second run, worth $348

6. Brooke Gaustad, 15.89-second run, worth $253

7. Connie Soderholm, 15.98-second run, worth $158

8. Allison Ness, 16.03-second run, worth $63

Newell Pro Rodeo

Brooks, Alberta, June 10-11

1. Farrah Fogg, 17.56-second run, worth $2,002

2. Bertina Olafson, 17.57-second run, worth $1,702

3. Kirby Penttila, 17.58-second run, worth $1,402

4. Lynette Brodoway, 17.59-second run, worth $1,201

5. Taylor Manning, 17.63-second run, worth $1,001

6. Renie Schnitzler, 17.64-second run, worth $701

7. Lane Wills, 17.69-second run, worth $501

8. (tie) Janet Moen, 17.78-second run, worth $375

9. (tie) Cranna Roberts, 17.78-second run, worth $375

10. Kayce Liptak, 17.82-second run, worth $300

11. (tie) Reata Schlosser, 17.83-second run, worth $225

12. (tie) Justine Elliott, 17.83-second run, worth $225

American Heroes PRCA Rodeo

Hawley, Minnesota, June 10-11

1. Lakken Bice, 15.91-second run, worth $644

2. Cydney Peterson, 15.92-second run, worth $560

3. Hallie Fulton, 15.93-second run, worth $476

4. Alyssa Fleming, 15.96-second run, worth $392

5. Jodi Nelson, 15.98-second run, worth $308

6. Bailey Woehler, 16.00-second run, worth $224

7. Sydni Schroeder, 16.02-second run, worth $140

8. Siggy Scheid, 16.03-second run, worth $56

Mesquite Championship Rodeo

Mesquite, Texas, June 11

1. Brianna Cox, 15.64-second run, worth $609

2. Dina Allred, 15.72-second run, worth $529

3. Jackie Ganter, 15.75-second run, worth $450

4. Angela Ganter, 15.76-second run, worth $370

5. Jackie Whitcher, 15.77-second run, worth $291

6. Jo Fisher, 15.86-second run, worth $212

7. Brooke McGehee, 15.91-second run, worth $132

8. Jessi Wade, 15.93-second run, worth $53

Goshen Stampede

Goshen, Connecticut, June 11

 1. Rebecca Campbell, 15.33-second run, worth $644

2. Nicole Davidson, 15.53-second run, worth $560

3. Lindsay Jones, 15.58-second run, worth $476

4. Sherrylynn Johnson, 15.59-second run, worth $392

5. Renee Gardner, 15.73-second run, worth $308

6. (tie) Haley Dewalt

7. (tie) Incarnata Tesiero, 15.74-second run, worth $182

8. (tie) Madison Iager, 15.78-second run, worth $28

9. (tie) Ashley Patterson, 15.78-second run, worth $28

Cowtown Rodeo

Woodstown Pilesgrove, New Jersey, June 11

1. Willie Horzepa, 17.49-second run, worth $557

2. Beth Borowy, 17.61-second run, worth $461

3. Julie Boxler, 18.22-second run, worth $365

4. Peyton Ridgely, 18.29-second run, worth $269

5. Riley Shetron, 18.30-second run, worth $173

6. Sarka Sedinova, 18.38-second run, worth $96