The Hello Stella Story

Learn how million dollar trainer Sharin Hall trained Hello Stella.
Sharin Hall Barrel Racing Corpus Christi
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Sharin Hall tells how she made 2021 leading futurity horse, Hello Stella the champion that the barrel racing industry knows her to be.

Sharin Hall and Hello Stella
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About Sharin Hall

Based in Pilot Point, Texas, Hall is a leading futurity trainer and million-dollar rider whose horsemanship and training have evolved over the years, leading to her massive win at the Breeder’s Challenge in 2021. Hall is so committed to detail and horsemanship that she has gone to great lengths to make sure her horses are comfortable. Hall developed her own line of barrel racing products and tools—Pro Series Tack—dedicated to keeping the needs of performance horses front and center. Hall realizes that having correctly fitting and comfortable tack coupled with correct horsemanship and training make for a winning combination.

“I think taking the extra steps to keep your horse fit and sound coupled with good, consistent training is what goes into being successful,” said Hall. “To me, that’s a great trainer, it’s a combination of being consistent with all the small daily disciplined tasks to keep your horse fresh and fit and ready to compete to their full potential. I’ve done the futurities, I’m venturing more into the rodeo world and Women’s Rodeo World Championships. It all takes a lot of work. You’ve got to put in the time.”

In her series on, Hall combines her training expertise, horsemanship skills and incredible knowledge of tack to give members tips and insights they can use in their own training. She covers a wide range of topics from tack (bits, saddles and pads), conformation, bloodlines, horsemanship and the process of patterning 2- and 3-year-olds. She also gives some advice about building a winning bond with your horse—like the one she has with her horse, Hello Stella.

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