Support the 🦃 Coma: 4 Videos to Watch for Free From This Weekend

Learn from top coaches Ivy Saebens, Jordon Briggs and Amy Jo Residorfer for free—this weekend only.
Ivy Saebens Barrel Racing
Ivy Saebens and KN Streak N Fabulous, aka “Reba,” placing sixth in the the first round at Cheyenne Frontier Days with a 17.48, worth $2,825.

It’s the unofficial holiday for leftovers in America, which means you’re probably kicking back and spending some serious time with loved ones, or recovering from seeing your loved ones at home. Regardless, here’ four videos you can watch for free this holiday weekend.

1. The JLo Story

She won $1 Million the hard way—on the rodeo trail. She survived and came back better than ever after a veterinarian’s mistake nearly ended her life. She’s won the aggregate at the NFR in dominating fashion. You’ve seen Ivy Saebens’ great mare, KN Fabs Gift of Fame dominate on all stages, now learn her incredible story.

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2. Jordon Briggs Patterns the 3-Year-Old Mr. Cinnamon Roll

Training power couple Jordon and Justin Briggs show how Jordon puts her young horses on the pattern after Justin puts a solid foundation on each. In this video, she dodges some cattle in the arena to demonstrate the points she plans to hit on the pattern with each horse, and discusses her 3-year-old son of Mr. Cinnamon Roll individually.

Watch it for free here.

One for the Record Books: Jordon Briggs is the 2021 Women’s Professional Rodeo Association World Champion

3. Ivy Saebens Discusses the Power of Visualization

If there’s anything fans have learned in 2022, it’s that Ivy Saebens knows how to tune out the naysayers and critics. She has a rock solid mental game, no matter what is thrown her direction. In this video, she discusses how she uses visualization as a tool to help win more inside the arena and keep her mind right.

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Listen to Ivy Saebens on The Money Barrel Podcast

4. Amy Jo Reisdorfer’s Square Drill

Reisdorfer’s all about keeping it clean on the barrel racing pattern. She shares how her square drill can keep horses from anticipating the turn. Her simple training approach is simple for both rider and horse.

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