Beating Barrel Racing Anxiety

This simple tool may help you overcome anxiety at your next barrel race.
Cheyenne Wimberley talks barrel racing anxiety coach Cheyenne Wimberley explains how a simple tactic can help people beat anxiety when running at major barrel racing events.

Have you ever walked into a warm-up arena and noticed cowgirls who have made the NFR, trained champion horses, or are always at the top of the 1D and felt intimidated? Maybe your heart starts racing, palms get sweaty, and you lose focus on your run? Cheyenne Wimberley has you covered.

“At the end of the day, it’s just three barrels. You have a pattern that you do,” Wimberley said. “Don’t switch it up just because you came to a show. Your horses need you to stay to that routine you have. It’s just three barrels, don’t make it any harder than it actually is.”

Cheyenne Wimberley has been a dominating barrel racer for decades. Making her first NFR as a teenager, and her most recent in 2021, Wimberley has watched the sport evolve and continued to dominate for many years. She shares her tips for success and longevity in the sport of barrel racing in her series on Running on some of the biggest stages in barrel racing means that Wimberley knows a few things about overcoming anxiety in barrel racing. Her commitments to her physical and mental health have helped her maintain her competitive edge.

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