5 Trending Training Videos to Help Your Barrel Racing TODAY.

Here's five can't-miss videos from BarrelRacing.com with top trainers Danyelle Campbell, Justin Briggs and Aaroon Vaahela.
Justin Briggs

Winter weather got you stuck indoors? Stay warm and binge the hottest videos on Barrelracing.com this week. From drills for 2-year-olds to working NFR caliber horses, Barrelracing.com has got you covered this winter with these much-watch videos.

1. Realistic Expectations for a 2-Year-Old with 30 Rides

Professional colt starter Aaroon Vaahela explains how he works with a 2-year-old that he started versus one that was started by another trainer. He also tells what he does to make barrel racing training easier later on in the horse’s career.

Aaroon on a two year old horse
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2. Working AR Dash Ta Flame Before the 2022 NFR

Danyelle Campbell works AR Dash Ta Flame, whom Sissy Winn qualified for and ran at the 2022 National Finals Rodeo. She discusses how she achieves balance on a horse no matter what speed she travels and how she tunes up an open horse after a summer on the ProRodeo trail.

Danyelle Campbell on AR Dash Ta Flame
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In Her Words: Trainer Insights with Danyelle Campbell

3. First Week on the Pattern with a 2-Year-Old: Part 1

In part one of this full training session, Danyelle Campbell works one of her personal two-year-old geldings for the third time on the barrel pattern. She first uses the four-barrel drill before transitioning to the barrel pattern in part two and discusses what her expectations are from a colt starter and how she sets up horses in her program for success from their first rides.

Danyelle Campell on a two year old gelding
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4. Why Softness in an Arc is Important

Justin Briggs explains why teaching his 3-year-old to respond to light cues from his hands and seat in an arc helps build toward more advanced maneuvers.

Justin Briggs on a bay horse
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5. Instilling Rate in an Aggressive Horse

Reigning WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer Jordon Briggs works her 4-year-old Epic Leader on the poles to show how she keeps his hip, instills rate and gets respect in his face and shoulder.

Jordon Briggs on a grey horse going around a pole
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