Maintaining Forward Motion to the Third Barrel

Cheyenne Wimberley talks about proper positioning when riding to the third barrel.
cheyene wimberley talks barrel racing training tips

Cheyenne Wimberley discussses barrel racing tips on how to get yourself in position and your horse in position at the third barrel in barrel racing. The first barrel may be the money barrel, and people stress about their second barrel extensively, but multiple-time NFR qualifier Wimberley thinks that more can be done at the third.

“This is the barrel where everybody [sometimes] forgets how to ride. We’re all guilty of it—we’ve already worked two barrels and you’re almost done. A lot of horses and people and horses lose their position here.”

Cheyenne Wimberley

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In her new series, Wimberley covers topics to improve your run such as first barrel footwork, driving with the inside hind leg, maintaining forward motion to the third barrel, and many more. She also offers tips on mastering the barrel racing mental game, covering topics like pre-run anxiety, work ethic, dedication, and more.  

Correct First Barrel Position with Cheyenne Wimberley


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