Training All-Around Horses with Justin Briggs

Justin Briggs explains how he works cows on young barrel horses to help give them the chance to excel as all-around horses.
Justin Briggs riding young horses

If there’ a couple that knows about training colts to become champions in the barrel racing and roping events, it’s the Briggs.

Justin Briggs works with his wife, 2021 World Champion barrel racer Jordon Briggs at Briggs Performance horses. They work to create top-level all-around horses that can excel in barrel racing, pole bending, breakaway roping or team roping by instilling a solid foundation and exposing them to different situations early on.

In this video, Briggs combines barrel racing footwork with working a cow to help this young barrel horse stay focused, learn how to rate and control his body.

Watch here.

Justin Briggs riding young horses

In his colt starting masterclass, Briggs gives you the information you need to start and bring along your top barrel horse prospect. He uses a thoughtful, well-rounded approach with a focus on quality over quantity. 

“We raise two or three a year on our own, and buy some long yearlings. I start all of our colts,” says Briggs. “I put about 120 days on them, then when they’re safe and ride pretty well, Jordon (Briggs) starts putting a barrel pattern on them and I start roping a sled or lead steer on them. Jordon trains everything on the poles, too. Jordon and I run our business top to bottom. We’re not an assembly line.”


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