Finding Balance and Rate in the First Barrel

Jordon Briggs coaches clinic attendees on how to perfect their money barrel.
As part of a clinic—available to watch on Ride TV—Jordon Briggs coached participants on how to set up for a balanced turn around the first barrel.

Are you swinging too wide on the first barrel and losing critical momentum? Jordon Briggs shares her tips and drills for finding balance and improving rate around the first barrel. Watch the complete step-by-step video on Ride TV.

Watch the complete step-by-step video on Ride TV.

Recognize your horse’s balance challenges approaching the first barrel

Jordon Briggs riding a horse in an indoor arena.
Watch the full training video.

When approaching that first barrel, your horse’s weight tends to be on the outside, making the turn less snappy. Address your horse’s tendency to float to the outside, which slows the turn and makes it harder for your horse to be aggressive on the next barrels.

Incorporate counter-arcing drills

Jordan Briggs counterbending a horse around a barrel.
Watch the full training video.

Counter-arcing to the outside around the first barrel will encourage your horse to step into the turn, balancing his weight and improving his rate.

Get square from the start

Jordan Briggs riding a horse standing square in a covered arena.
Watch the full training video.

Drill running a straight line and stopping square to set the stage for a well-balanced turn.

Focus on the third barrel

Watch the full training video.

Use the third barrel as a reference point during your approach. Line up with it, run at it slightly past your comfort zone, then drop into the first-barrel turn. This will encourage your horse’s weight to naturally fall in the correct direction.

Train with Jordon Briggs

Learn from world champion barrel racer Jordon Briggs as she shares her expertise on a range of topics for success in the arena. Her extensive Ride TV instructional videos cover tuning barrel horses, working with young horses, competition prep and more. Watch her full training library here.