EIPH and Lasix with Dr. Melissa Fenn

Host Kayla Jones and Dr. Melissa Fenn of Littleton Equine Medical Center talk about EIPH and the use of Lasix in barrel horses.
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Dr. Melissa Fenn doesn’t hold back on her expert opinion on the controversial topics of exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage and the popular drug, Lasix.

In a recent Patreon exclusive episode, The Money Barrel invited their listeners to submit veterinary questions. The response was overwhelming with countless inquiries about bleeding and the usage of Lasix. Recognizing the significance of the topic, they dedicated an entire podcast episode to address these concerns and provide insights for their audience.

Dr. Melissa Fenn
Dr. Melissa Fenn, image courtesy Fenn.

Joining host Kayla Jones on the episode is Dr. Melissa Fenn, an internal medicine specialist at Littleton Equine Medical Center. Having personal experience with Dr. Fenn’s expertise and treatment, Jones knew she was the perfect guest to shed light on this subject. While commonly referred to as “bleeding” within the equestrian community, the topic at hand revolves around EIPH, a prevalent challenge faced by barrel racers. The best approaches for managing, treating, and preventing EIPH have been a subject of debate and discussion among barrel racing enthusiasts.

The team expresses their gratitude to Dr. Fenn for generously sharing her knowledge and time on the episode. Their goal is to provide educational content on the topic, but they urge their listeners to always consult their own veterinarians for specific treatment tailored to their horses’ needs. Veterinarians remain the ultimate authority when it comes to the individual health and care of horses.

Listeners are encouraged to tune in to this informative episode to gain valuable insights and deepen their understanding of this controversial subject of Lasix within the barrel racing community.

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