Making “Happy,” Happen: Robyn Herring on The Money Barrel

Robyn Herring talks about her career in the barrel racing industry and how the great stallion, FireWaterOnTheRocks became what he is today.
FireWaterOnTheRocks barrel racing stallio
Image courtesy FireWaterOnTheRocks

Robyn Herring is known for her ties to the legendary barrel racing stallion, FireWaterOnTheRocks, “Happy,” but her story goes so much deeper.

Herring is a truly self-made success in the industry in every aspect. Breeder, owner, trainer, stallion owner, jockey—you name it, she can do it in the barrel racing industry.

Learn the story behind FireWaterOnTheRocks and how he became to be a legendary sire on this episode of The Money Barrel, and the smart decisions she made to make him great. Herring shares advice that anybody in the industry can find helpful.

This episode is brought to you by the American Quarter Horse Association.