Training Giraffes and Barrel Horses, with Dani Bühler

Accomplished barrel racer Dani Bühler talks about her day job—working as a giraffe trainer—and her unique background on this episode of The Money Barrel podcast.
Giraffe trainer poses with giraffe
Courtesy Dani Bühler

Switzerland native Dani Bühler is not only the longtime best friend of The Money Barrel host Kayla Jones, she’s talented at training both giraffes and barrel horses.

Bühler discusses the hurdles that she’s overcame to build a career in barrel racing from the outside looing in, all the way to accolades like a College National Finals Rodeo qualificaiton, Pink Buckle Derby reseve championship and Lone Star Shootout derby championship, most recently.

Bühler explains how she ended up a sought-after giraffe trainer, and the similarities and differences she finds when training the majectic animals and when she’s in the saddle training barrel horses to win on all stages.

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