Bob Burt Tells the FULL Dash Ta Fame Story on The Money Barrel Podcast

Ever wondered how Dash Ta Fame became one of the most dominating stallions of the barrel racing industry? The Money Barrel Podcast has the answers.
Dash Ta Fame

Bob Burt sits down on The Money Barrel Podcast to talk about how Dash Ta Fame became one of the most dominating barrel racing sires of all time.

The story of Dash Ta Fame begins with his owner’s love for speed. As a young man, Bob Burt loved racing horses in cutter and chariot races in Utah. 

“It used to be a big thing around here in the wintertime,” Burt said. “We used to run older horses and break colts to the chariots, and there might be 150 head at a time. These Quarter Horses would be hooked up to a chariot two at a time, and there’d be four horses going down the racetrack at the same time in the mud and the snow, with the wheels going 100 miles an hour. I’d put horses in those chariot races and race them on flat tracks. We won a few little races down at Los Alamitos, but nothing big.” 

Fascinated by racing Quarter Horses, Burt began studying the pedigrees of the horses that won the biggest races at Los Alamitos Race Course in Orange County, California. He soon discovered that many of the best horses had one thing in common: they all came from Thoroughbred bloodlines. Intrigued, he decided to put his newfound knowledge to the test and attended a horse sale. Although he couldn’t afford to buy any of the horses at the time, he picked out two young horses that he liked the looks of: one by Real Easy Jet, out of a Thoroughbred mare, and one by the Thoroughbred sire, Jim J. 

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