Crystal Shumate on BHR Frenchies Socks and Balancing all the Things

Crystal Shumate discusses BHR Frenchies Socks, her winning breeding program and how she balances a "normal," job on this episode of The Money Barrel Podcast.
Crystal Shumate barrel racing
Courtesy Crystal Shumate

Florida’s Crystal Shumate comes on The Money Barrel podcast to discuss her standout breeding program at For the Fame Farms, stallion BHR Frenchies Socks and the splash she has made in the barrel racing industry.

As the mastermind behind a highly successful breeding program, Shumate’s expertise shines through her standout stallion, BHR Frenchies Socks, and her lineup of exceptional mares, some of which she competes on herself.

In this information-packed episode, Crystal takes us on a journey from her roots in Louisville, Kentucky, where her passion for barrel racing took flight. She candidly shares her story of how she discovered her love for the sport and the pivotal moments that shaped her path. Drawing from her experience working around the racetrack scene, Crystal unveils the invaluable lessons she learned and how she skillfully applies them to elevate her barrel racing pursuits. Shumate dives deep into phrases like “bed them deep, let them sleep,” that she picked up and how it has impacted her program, along with key factors like nutrition.

But that’s not all—Crystal’s dedication and resilience extend beyond the arena. Balancing a full-time career as a nurse alongside her thriving horse business is no small feat. During the interview, she sheds light on the strategies she employs to manage her time effectively and maintain the perfect equilibrium between her professional responsibilities and her horse endeavors.

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