All About the Barrel Racing Industry Alliance: Round 2 on The Money Barrel

Learn about the Barrel Racing Industry Alliance, how QData and Equistat will impact the program and more on this episode of The Money Barrel Podcast.
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This episode is a follow-up to the first The Money Barrel podcast about the Barrel Racing Industry Alliance and answers additional questions about the barrel racing association.

What is the Barrel Racing Industry Alliance?

Host Kayla Jones and BRIA representatives, Lainie Whitmire and Robin Glenn, break down how QData and Equistat can do for the BRIA program and for barrel racers. They also discuss graded races, black type pedigrees and BRIA’s vision for the future of the barrel racing industry.

Barrel Racing Industry Alliance Mission

The sport of barrel racing has seen significant growth over the past decade with tens of thousands of barrel racers engaged in rodeo, divisional races, futurities, stallion incentive programs and jackpots across the country. The growth has dramatically increased demand for all levels of barrel horses both domestically and internationally.

The Barrel Racing Industry Alliance (BRIA) was founded with the mission to recognize the performance of registered American Quarter Horses and American Paint Horses participating in barrel racing.

Through the accurate collection of race results, proper identification of horses and exhibitors, BRIA is dedicated to recognizing and enhancing the value of barrel racing horses through the reporting of performance records and earnings.

Barrel Racing Industry Alliance Goal

The goal of BRIA is to collect accurate results from barrel racing events and report performance data. 

This data will become the gold standard for the assurance of accurate pedigrees, historical performance records and earnings, and timely result reporting. It will become the primary resource for industry-wide recognition of leading performers and breeding stock.

Source: Barrel Racing Industry Alliance

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