WCRA is offering an exclusive nomination deal for CNFR athletes. What does that mean?

The WCRA is offering an exclusive deal for college rodeo contestants at the CNFR, and here's why it's a sweet deal.
Jaylie Matthews winning a go-round at the 2022 CNFR. Image by Jackie Jensen Photography.

The WCRA has announced an exclusive deal for College National Finals Rodeo athletes in 2023, so here’s what it means and why CNFR contestants need to jump on the opportunity.

The WCRA is allowing CNFR athlets the chance to nominate for Virtual Rodeo Qualfiier points in any segment for 50% off using code CNFR 2023.

Britta Strain, a now two-time CNFR qualfiier made a trip in the barrel racing in 2022 to Casper, and she’s back in 2023 to show her stuff in the breakaway roping. She’s an animal science major with a minor in biomedical sciences at Texas A&M University.

In a Facebook Live video, Sami Jo Smith and Linsay Rosser-Sumpter from the WCRA sat down with Strain to discuss how nominations work and why the timing is perfect for college rodeo athletes to get involved (For the hard-hitting details, start this video around the 11-minute mark.)

This graph from the WCRA compares CNFR points to VRQ points available at the rodeo.

Why Nominate the CNFR?

The CNFR qualifies as a Division 2 event in the WCRA system and open segments include Rodeo North Carolina and the 2024 Women’s Rodeo World Championship (W24). That means that athletes can earn up to 300 points in each go-round, plus points in the aggregate in Casper. For reference, the No. 1 barrel racer, Annika Ruth, currently has 2,944 points on the RNC leaderboard, whereas Denny Ralls, who sits on the bubble of qualifying in the No. 36 position has 100 points earned.

How to Nominate

For an explanation of how to nominate, click here.